Top 3 Reasons You Need to Rebrand


Over time things change and your brand has to change with it. The people you once served may no longer need your product, or your brand just doesn’t catch the attention it once did. If you haven’t been living under a rock then you notice when top brands such as Pepsi rebrand. There’s nothing wrong with it, it keeps you relevant with the times and your customers. Here are the Top 3 Reasons You Need to Rebrand.

1.Visually Outdatedvisually-outdated

One of the main reasons why you should rebrand is because your brand has become visually unappealing. Because there’s always a new trend you’re brand may begin to look old fashioned and you definitely don’t want that. Think of your brand like your favorite pair of jeans. You love them and wear them whenever you can. But, eventually they get worn out and faded and you have to make a decision. Do you keep them and keep wearing them until they fall apart or do you invest in a new pair. This is exactly how your customer will begin to feel is your brand is visually outdated. People are first drawn to a brand by the way it looks, then by the way it makes them feel.

2.Customers are Evolving

Just as times are evolving so are your customers and with that you have to change as well. There are so many brands out there just like yours who offer the same services and products as you. Which makes it hard to create customer loyalty. In order for you stay ahead of the curve you have to start thinking about what’s important to your target audience.

3.Repositioning Your Brand

As your company grows it starts to stand for something totally different than it did in the beginning. Which is a great thing but you have to first recognize and keep up with it. Your brand evolves ultimately to reach new audiences. By repositioning your brand you have to introduce new elements of the brand that will connect your new audience to it. Don’t stop your brand from reaching it’s full potential by holding on to the customer avatar you created in the beginning. Remember that the brand you are today isn’t the brand you’re going to be tomorrow, and neither will your ideal customer.

Also remember that your brand is the most valuable asset to your team. However, rebranding is not always something that needs to be done. So before rebranding do your research and determine whether rebranding is right for you at this very moment. If it’s not then don’t spend money doing so because it will cost you more to rebrand unnecessarily than it will to rebrand for the right reasons. Also don’t be afraid of your customer not recognizing who you are or even liking the direction that you’re brand is going. The best part about having loyal customers is they tell you what you what they want from you. And more than likely they will just follow suit.

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