48 Stats About Instagram That Will Help You Upgrade Your Strategy


Instagram is one of the most popular and fast growing social media platforms, and because it’s also owned by Facebook, any brand hoping to have a serious presence online needs to be using it. But, as with anything you have to have an Instagram posting strategy if you want to win over the hearts of millions of users present on the platform.

In order to So, we’ve compiled a list of 48 stats related to Instagram that are sure to help you create, or upgrade your Instagram strategy.


Growth And User Statistics

1)  The Instagram user base has expanded from 90 million users in 2013 to around 500 million in 2016.

2)  Out of this, over 60% users sign in every day making Instagram the most engaging network after Facebook.

3)  Around 30% of the internet (users) are now present on Instagram.

4)  90% of users on Instagram are less than 35 years of age.

5)  National Geographic is the most followed brand with more than 57 million followers.

6)  Instagram (15.1%)is growing quicker than general social media usage(3.1%) in the U.S.

7)  It is estimated that this year, around 9.5% of Facebook’s worldwide mobile advertisement revenues will be from Instagram.

Demographics And Usage Statistics

8)  Around 45 billion images have been posted on the platform.

9)  Everyday Instagram clocks 4.2 billion likes.

10)  Over 95 million photos are shared daily on an average.

11)  When videos were introduced to the platform, about 5 million videos were shared within a day.

12)  Around 52 % of teenagers use the network.

13)  According to 32% of teens, Instagram is the most important social network.

14)  The most Instagrammed food item is pizza, followed by sushi and steak.

15)  In the last year, 59% of users used Instagram daily which is a 10 point increase of 49% from 2014.

16)  It is estimated that by 2017 an estimated 51.8% of social network users will be using Instagram.

17)  Around 80% of Instagram’s user base comprises of people outside the US.

18)  On the contrary, the largest traffic share comes from the United States(19.97%) followed by Russia (7.65%).

Brand Adoption

19)  By 2017, an estimate of around 70% of brands will be on Instagram. At present 48.8% of brands are active.

20)  Out of the Interbrand top 100 brands worldwide, 90% are on Instagram.

21)  Out of this, around 80% of them post at least one video or photo per week.

22)  When it comes to US fashion brands,96% are on Instagram.

23)  Excluding China, around 50% of Instagram users worldwide conduct social media research about products.

24)  When it comes to engagement with brands, Instagram is 10X higher when compared with Facebook. It is 54X higher when compared to Pinterest and 84X higher when compared to Twitter.

25)  50% of Instagram users follow brands. It is greater than any social media.

26)  Posts that include hashtags gains 12.6% more engagement on the platform.

27)  Posts that include location receive more than 79% engagement when compared to posts without location.

28)  Average engagement per post has grown by 416%.

29)  Around 70% of the hashtags used on the platform are branded.

30)   In a study conducted last year, 31% of marketers (B2C) pointed out Instagram as a very important channel.

31)  Nike and Adidas Originals are the most popular retailers on the platform respectively, followed by Louis Vitton.

Instagram Usage statistics

Content Statistics

32)  Colors matter on Instagram as images which have blue as the dominant color generated more engagement than images with red as the dominant color.

33)  The length of caption text and engagement have minimal correlation on Instagram.

34)  Even though more brands are posting videos (13.3% of posts), images still get better engagement on average.

35)  A study explains that posts with more than 11 hashtags got an engagement rate of around 80%.

36)  The red heart is the most popular emoji on Instagram.

37)  Out of the top 20 emojis, smilies comprise half of them.

38)  The American flag is the only flag emoji to break into top 100 emojis.

39)  On the platform, photos that shows faces attract 38% more likes than the ones without.

Posting Strategy

40)  The best days to post on an average are Mondays and Thursdays.

41)  Brands schedule posts depending on the time zone of their target audience. Posting between 3 PM to 4 Pm is considered least ideal.

42)  One-third of brands presents on Instagram post 11-20 times a month.

43)  Instagram is the best social platform for Organic engagement by a long shot.

44)  People on an average, miss 70% of their Instagram feed.

45)  50% of the participation in the form of comments are received within first 6 hours of posting.

46)  Many of the posts by top companies take around 19 hours to reach 50% of total comments.

47)  When it comes to top 100 companies, engagement on an average per post has grown at a rate of 53%.

48)  A brand added 36 times its average number of followers per day when it posted sponsored posts for 4 days.

You may be wondering how to get more likes on Instagram, build a follower base or get higher engagement from your current followers. Devising a posting strategy based on the statistics listed above is the shortcut to achieving all these targets. Good luck!