5 Things to Do on Your Live Broadcasts to Grow Your Business’ Reach and Revenue


While it may seem like live stream is the biggest thing to hit the internet since Facebook there are still a lot of business owners that are struggling to leverage the popularity of live stream for their businesses or brands. If you’ve been afraid of live stream, I want to encourage you to make the leap to start building it into your brand’s marketing plan now. Live stream isn’t going anywhere at all, and you’ll continue to see even more evolution of live stream, especially from the big players like Facebook and Periscope.

If you’re still trying to develop a strategy for using live stream to grow your business’ reach and revenue, here are 5 things you can do on your live broadcasts that will help you attract more followers and make more money online.

Create and Stick to a Regular Live Broadcast Schedule

Creating, announcing, and sticking to a regular live broadcast schedule will help you to attract and engage new followers. It’s kind of like a television show. Think of your favorite show, it comes on at the same time every week– and when you tell your friends about the awesome show you know what day, time, and channel to tell them to watch. With a regular schedule, you’ll attract a tribe of people who are constantly looking for you, are excited about your content, and share it with their friends

Offer a Lead Magnet to your Viewers

Once you have someone’s attention on social media your number one goal should be getting them to say yes to connecting with you off of social media– i.e. your email list. By now you should know that you don’t own your social media profiles and that most people do not go to social media to buy. Creating freebies that are related to the topics that you’re discussing is a great way to get those viewers who are interested in the topic to take the next step and sign up for your email list.


Ask Your Viewers to Share

Don’t be afraid to ask your viewers to share your live broadcast. Live streaming is so new that most people still don’t know how it works, so give it’s still ok to give them a little nudge. Also, sometimes people get so caught up in watching the broadcast that they forget to share or give hearts or reactions. When you ask people to share your broadcasts, this opens you up to connecting with their networks and expands your reach . Even your favorite TV shows are asking viewers to follow along and tweet them using a particular hashtag.

Created Branded Broadcasts

With the introduction of Periscope Producer and other live stream applications like OBS, regular broadcasters are now able to create branded broadcasts by using some advanced techniques. Now, this will take a little more effort and in instances like this, you won’t be able to just start streaming off the fly from your phone, but this does set you ahead of the rest of the world of broadcasters if you’re willing to do the work.

Create Intro Offers for Your Replay Viewers

When you begin your live broadcasts you may notice that it takes about a minute or two for people to actually start watching. The technology is not instantaneous. This gives you a few seconds to craft an offer specifically for those viewers who will watch you on the replay (since they’re the only ones who will see it). Your offer can be anything from a coupon to an exclusive freebie or anything else that you can think of that your audience will want. There are only two rules: 1. It must be something that your audience will actually want, and 2. It must be an exclusive offer specifically for your replay viewers.

Live stream is a great way to build your business’ reach. Viewers are able to develop relationships with broadcasters faster and business’ benefit because they increase the speed of developing trust with their audiences. Just by making these 5 simple tweaks you can greatly impact and improve your success on live stream and grow your business reach and revenue.