5 Tips to Survive Instagram Updates For Your Business


Like many of you, I witnessed my Instagram feed go into a frenzy when the social media app announced they would be changing the way users viewed their news feed. Instagram plans on changing postings displayed in the app from chronological to algorithm order in the near future. With the new algorithm order, the app will show posts based on the content they believe each individual user is most interested in, the most popular, and the most timely. Since the site announced the changes many users have taken it upon themselves to post images with the message “Turn on Notifications” so that users will get a push notification when the “subscribee” posts, whether the user is logged into the app or not. I almost fell victim to using this tactic myself at work. As the Social Media Manager at Lidyr Creative, I now have to find new strategies to market ours and our clients’ businesses on Instagram. I did worry at first that this upcoming change may affect the way we might attract new clients/customers. However, for businesses that may use Instagram to drive new business, the change will not put your business in a hole, trust me!

Here are a few tips and tricks to get around Instagram’s upcoming update to run a successful marketing campaign.

Use Hashtags

Pick hashtags that are common and relevant to your business. Hashtags allow your content to be seen by other users on the social media site. In addition, be sure to place your hashtags in the comment section rather than the caption immediately after you post.  This way the hashtags won’t be an eyesore on the post after a few users comment on the post, pushing your first comment up, out of sight.

Interact with followers

Engaging with your followers will build a trustworthy relationship. You want to have an organic conversation to learn the qualities your prospective client/customer need and want from your business. In addition, interacting with your prospective clients/customer is just plain old good customer service. Guess what? Good customer service sells no matter what.


With geotagging you are able to attach a location to your digital photograph, video, or social media post. Adding the geotag will allow prospective clients to know where you are located. In addition, locals and other businesses are able to search the geotag as another way to network.

Share quality content

Instagram is driven by visuals. So don’t share low-quality photographs or videos. Users on Instagram are pulled in by high-quality visuals that tell a story. Purchase stock photos or invest in a professional photographer/videographer if necessary.

Invest in Ads

With the Instagram news feed changing to algorithmic, it will be harder for small businesses to gain new customers or keep up with the old ones. However, Instagram allows small or large businesses to run ads to other users in over 30 countries. Users are more likely to engage in the ads, because they are organically placed in their news feeds. Most ads provide a call to action option, which allows you to proceed from the app directly to the business website. You can set up your Instagram ads in your Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor.

Now more than ever, media likes to create panic, and unfortunately, social media is no different. But there is no reason to get yourself all worked up. Create a strategy and stick to it. You will survive the Instagram change and you’ll be a better marketer for it.