5 Ways to Build a Brand with Staying Power

Does Your Brand Have Staying Power

For small businesses, branding is just as important as it is for large businesses. A business without branding– in the grand scheme of things– means nothing. Just think about McDonald’s, whenever you see the golden arches you instantly think “Mickey D’s!” Or how about Christian Louboutin, you instantly know that’s what someone’s wearing when you see that “red bottom”. Even if the shoe they’re wearing isn’t Christian Louboutin and you see a red bottom you think, Christian Louboutin. You recognize them instantly without a question and it’s all because of the power of branding. To get a jump start on your successful brand here are 5 Ways to Build a Brand with Staying Power.

1. Define

Before going out into the world to sell your product(s) or service(s) you must be able to clearly define it. Map out exactly what your product does or what service you’re going to provide. Not only that you need to know who you’re going to provide this service or product to. You will not be able to effectively sell your product without answering these questions first. Because you can’t sell anything if you don’t know what you’re selling and who you’re selling to. You don’t want to be out there selling bras to Joe Jackson and he’s just not into that.

2. Relationships

In order for you to even get your brand out there, you must begin to build strong relationships with potential customers and maintain the relationships you already have. People tend to buy when they feel a certain connection with you. Remember that trust is key when it comes to effective selling. You can sell virtually anything if your customer trusts you or even just believes in your product. Even if they don’t buy initially, the more you keep in contact and build a healthy relationship with your customers, eventually, they will.

3. Never Dilutelouboutins

As entrepreneur’s we have a bit of anxiety when it comes to pricing our customers. There’s trepidation because we are unsure if they will buy if the product or service is priced too high. But, who’s to say what’s expensive or inexpensive when it comes to what you’re offering, except you?! When you walk into Walmart, sure they offer low prices every day but it still may not be low enough for you. However, it’s the price that Walmart is offering so it’s up to you whether you’re going to buy or not. This is the same when it comes to you and your clients, either they’re going to buy or they’re not. And, if they don’t someone else will. So never offer Walmart prices if you offer Christian Louboutin products.

4. Be Authentic

The women of Alpha Kappa Alpha have this saying, “often imitated, never duplicated.” This should be a motto for your brand. Sure, you will gain inspiration from other brands, but be mindful of copying their brand completely. You want to make sure you stand out amongst the crowd. So be sure to figure out what makes you more unique than the other guy. Not as many people are going to want to buy if they if they feel like you hijacked someone else’s brand. I’ve used Christian Louboutin a few times in this post already as a reference. But, if you decide you’re going to begin making high-end footwear for women that has a red sole on every shoe design, you’re totally ripping off Louboutin’s. You know it and so will everyone else! So, make sure you make your product or service identify with who you are.

5. Promote!, Promote!, Promote!

The major key to building a brand with staying power is to PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE! You can not sell anything if you don’t promote it. Sure, you may get one or two clients or sales, but the whole enchilada get’s eaten when you put yourself out there. Any chance you get, promote yourself and your brand. Remember first and foremost that you are your most valuable marketing material. All of those business cards and pamphlets don’t get passed out without you.

So every time you think it’s not a good time to promote your brand, that’s when you should promote it the most. People don’t know that they need you until you tell them what you do. So, if you’re at the gym, promote! When you’re in the supermarket, promote! And if you’re in the restroom at the club, what are you going to do? PROMOTE! It doesn’t matter when or where you promote just make sure you do promote.

Building your brand’s staying power will sometimes feel like the most difficult task to do. And it is. But, if you want to build a company that has longevity, it’s just something you’re going to have to do. And, if you ever need help with any of this just give us a call at 215-550-5054, and we’ll get you on the right track.