6 Best Ways to Increase Instagram Followers

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You do not have to be a celebrity to be popular on Instagram. All you need is some time, dedication, and some serious effort. Once you understand the way Instagram works and operates, you’ll have tons of followers in no time!

Here are a few ways you can be popular on Instagram and have a huge fan following.

1. Appealing Profile

I understand why you might want to be lazy when you set up your profile, but  how do you expect people to know who you are if you don’t create a strong profile? No one is going to judge an account by an empty profile. In fact, you might be mistaken for a spam account.

Define who you are clearly and what interests you have, what are your passions, and what do you intend to do. Why did you make an Instagram profile in the first place? What did you intend to do? Make your profile as appealing as possible so that the people can see your personality in it.

2. Link Profile to Other Social Media Accounts

If you want to gain a lot of followers, you obviously you’ll have a lot of work to do. But you can minimize some of that work by linking your existing social media accounts to your Instagram account. This will let your Facebook and Twitter friends know that you are now on Instagram.

Aside from creating an attractive profile, letting all your friends know who you are in Instagram is probably the first thing you should do as soon as you join. By linking your Instagram profile to your other social media accounts, you can also keep track of any new friend who joins as well.

3. Follow and Get Followed Back

This is like an unspoken rule and it started from Twitter. You follow someone, and they’ll follow you back. It’s not too much to ask and a huge thing to expect. If you follow ten users, it stands to reason that more than five of them will follow you back. You can personally ask your friends and family to do so as well and caption your photos, letting people know that you’ll follow them back if they follow you.

You should target people of your own niche, as they mostly have the same interests or the market they are targeting. In this way, you’ll have a look at their general audience people and their following. Like I mentioned before, it’s not necessary that everyone will follow back but who knows, they might change their mind after the creative profile you put up, as discussed.

4. Inspiring Content

Creative and inspiring content is essential to your business’ success. It’s not only about using a lot of filters to make your content look attractive. And while hashtags can get your more exposure, overuse simply creates clutter. The most important thing to remember is not to forget to engage your audience and be active. If you take too long to reply back, people will lose interest. Make sure the content you’re creating is relatable engaging and inspiring and reflects your brand.

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5. Hashtag Following

If you want to take a look at the things which are currently trending, you can keep yourself updated by searching hashtags. You can use sites like hashtagify.me to find out which hashtags are most popular in your industry. Remember that hashtags are a search tool, people  use them as a way to find relevant content. Hashtags are also a great way to keep your posts organized and categorized, especially if you post regularly with tips on a particular topic.

6. Contests!

People host the contest in the hopes of engaging their followers and gain attention. It has proven to work a lot of times on almost every social media network. Post a contest with a relevant hashtag based on a topic. You can even create your own hashtag and ask your followers to use it. Then you can select a winner based on the most creative and unique use of your hashtag.

Another great idea is asking people to follow a theme or category and ask them to participate by posting a photo relevant to that theme. Everyone loves to post pictures of themselves obviously.

Ask your followers to “regram” your posts, meaning they have to re-post. You can make it a way to be eligible for your contest if they share your post. Not only that, post it on other social media networks to gain a larger following.

You need to be continuously active to keep your audience engaged and post content which is suitable. The time you post is also of importance and relevance as you have to study and check when your followers would be active or you risk losing the attention.

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