A Lidyr Creative concept, Better Than Success is an online resource that teaches entrepreneurs, business owners, and the aspiring how to teach themselves the art of Success.   The only thing better than Success itself is knowing that you pulled yourself up by the bootstraps and taught yourself the skills, strategies, and disciplines to get there.

Our mission is to teach you how to teach yourself the art of Success

Better Than Success produces content through 2 mediums.

  • WebsiteBetterThanSuccess.com produces daily content through articles that inspire and educate with immediate actionable tasks or downloadable resources
  • Podcast – The Better Than Success Podcast is a weekly show hosted by the company’s founder, Nikki Purvy, that gives listeners the real story behind what Success really means and how to teach yourself to it.

Behind Better Than Success

The story behind Better Than Success is just as important as the resources published here. The brand was born in an internal brainstorming session at Lidyr Creative Marketing Agency, a Philadelphia-based digital media marketing firm specializing in web design, graphic design, social media marketing, and business development. The company quadrupled their revenue within a 1-year period, in spite of defying the odds of startup failure rates as well as defying the odds of being a women-owned and lead tech company. They attributed their SUCCESS to being a learning organization, teaching themselves collectively and individually the art of Success while quickly adapting to internal and external stimuli.

In light of this, they were still faced with a major client issue. A good percentage of Lidyr’s clients were small businesses or startup businesses in need of logo and web design services. And while these clients were ecstatic with the work that Lidyr produced, they didn’t know how or have the funds to learn how to Succeed BEFORE and/or AFTER their website was built and they didn’t know where to begin to learn.

Thus ‘Better Than Success’ was born as a resource to help entrepreneurs and business owners develop as a learning organization and teach themselves the art of Success.

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