What Is Brand Awareness And Why It Is Important For You ?

What Is Brand Awareness And Why It Is Important For You

How do you create a unique company and win customers’ love in a very competitive market environment? What is the secret of successful branding? Is it possible to grow your business and make money even with growing global competition?

A Piece of Theory

An average person faces three thousand advertising messages daily. According to the American Association of Advertising Agencies, no one can perceive more than one hundred meaningful messages per day. But the majority of advertisements today are overloaded with information that is unclear or irrelevant.

The human brain does know deal with all this congestion: it just blocks it. So, the only elements that do come to our consciousness are the ones our brain perceives as the most useful and exciting. 

The best way to make an impact with you audience is to think about what is missing among the diversity of goods and services, and offer it. And also think about the message your brand has to deliver and the impression that you want to make. Of course, it is important to understand the exact meaning of the brand to do so.

What is a brand?

A brand is not advertising or a logo controlled by the company. The brand is rather an intuitive sense that appears in the person’s mind that they relate to the product, service or company as a whole. People create brands to streamline the existing chaos.How to Convert Your Website Visitors into Customers

The only word similar in meaning is “reputation” – and, in fact, it’s mostly out of your control. It is not your words but what others say about you.

The best thing you can do is to have some effect on it. Trusted brands are what people want today. The modern customer doesn’t need obsession, empty promises, and congestion.

The Role of Trends

Of course, you can’t create a brand without taking trends into account, but in this case, you may not be able to experience the energy of the “momentum.” A charismatic brand can be created only if the current trends support its advantages. Trends are waves that carry your company forward. They are infinitely varied, as each industry, region and subculture create trends.

People no longer buy faceless goods. They want philosophy, image, and value. That is why nowadays branding is the main capital of any successful company.


A Few Necessary Steps to Create a Recognizable Brand

Find Out Who You Are

Building a successful brand begins with you looking inside yourself to find the inspiration. Your experience, confidence, and passion should feed your success. Let’s look at Google as a guide. The founders of the search engine managed to create a brand with 1 moral principle as their foundation: “Do not be evil.” This clear philosophy has given the company the opportunity to not only survive during several crises but also to find and inspire the best employees, attract investors and increase the audience.

Please, think about who you are, what is your passion, and what makes you get up every morning out of bed and do business. Then think about how you can connect these things to your brand, try to distinguish your company’s main principle and philosophy.

Determine the Needs of the Clients

A good brand has a clear understanding of what their customers want. Search for something that is in demand and create the innovation. One example of such an innovation is the low-cost reading glasses which are sold at almost every store. Some people do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on their glasses, so they find it very effective to buy cheaper glasses for only 5% of the cost. This category of goods has transformed into an entire industry with a half a billion turnover.

You can also use popular trends. For instance, Starbucks increased the number of visitors basing on European fashion lifestyle; iPods became popular when people began to share music via the Internet; men’s cosmetics sold well due to the trend to metrosexuality; AXE – thanks to the popularity of the macho image.


Pay Attention to the Marketing

You need customers to become real supporters of the brand and share their impression with friends. And here comes the marketing – a powerful tool that helps to reveal the brand content and distributes it through the points of communication.

Take, for example, Apple that considered the marketing an essential part of the product. The company has sold more than four million devices in three months while its main competitor – Creative Technology – reached only a tiny part of this index. There are thousands of MP3-players in the world. They all perform the same function, but what brands can you name? iPod?

If you look closer at how Apple establishes communication with customers, you can see that all unnecessary and excessive expenses are minimized. TV advertising uses the same images as on billboards, posters, exhibitions, in shops and on the packaging. The brand speaks the same language at all points of communication. Apple’s marketers choose market niches where they are sure to win the competition. If they can’t win, they do not come to fight. You can also use these principles.

Build a Community

The community creates any brand. It is not the people within the company but its partners, suppliers, investors, customers and even competitors. This is a whole ecosystem in which you constantly give someone something while someone give something to you. Everyone has a role to play, and everyone should be rewarded for the efforts. That is why before starting the community you need to have clear answers to the following questions:

  • What will the buyer get when he enters the community?
  • What will the neighborhood businesses get?
  • Will be the investors, partners and suppliers pleased with the results?

To remain healthy and constantly develop, everyone needs to bring something and get something. If you manage to establish this process, you will not be afraid of any competition or economic crises.

Make the Brand Unique

 The successful brand stands out among the thousands of others. That is why you need to develop your own “chips”, which will highlight you in the competition. Don’t look at your competitors and don’t try to copy their style (unless you want to become one of the many, of course). Instead think about your company’s unique features (we believe it has them) and benefits, try to developed an original style, to hire a qualified designer that can create interesting identity for you. It can sometimes look funny: study the craziest logos on Buzzessay, have fun and and get inspired!

Cognition Comes through Comparison

People are unaware of the complex mechanisms that cause them to take a decision for one or another product while specialists claim that the comparison is always unfair.

Psychologists along with marketing experts always strive to understand how the consumer makes the seemingly simple things. However, all is not as easy as it seems. By accessing daily to the supermarket, you can hardly see the man who compares the two products keeping them in his hands. Experts say that the comparison is rather between the images of products than between the real goods.

An image of perception is the image that appears in the human mind when his senses are directly affected. When we hold a product in hands, its texture, temperature, weight and other parameters create the perception. But there is also another image – the image of representation – that appears when we take in hand a product of another brand and compare it to the previous one.

Unfair Comparison

People often think that they compare items at the same time. In fact, the process of comparing always occurs alternately. Given the growing competition in the markets and an abundance of goods on the shelves, people are comparing brands almost continuously.

The man takes some products and compares it with the parameters he needs. Then he goes to the next brand and compares it both with the characteristics he needs and image of the first product. After going through some brands, he has a number of images of representation and one image of perception (formed by the last products) in his mind. And the choice is based on the images of representation. Thus, the brands are often compared “unfairly.”

Experts have concluded that it is necessary to work with the associative field to get an advantage without the use of distinct rational properties of the product. Any product or service has communication with the user. Working on presentation makes it possible to create more effective communications with customers which allow generating more profits.

Today, the most effective tool to influence the consumer is the use of associative mechanisms in their most simple forms. That is, to use simple shapes, symbols, colors to present the complex information through simple associations.