Interview-June 2016 Better Than Success Entrepreneur Service Award Recipient: Rashaad Lambert


Beginning this month, we at Better Than Success will be giving select awards to outstanding individuals in business.  These awards are given to people who demonstrate both a high level of business acumen and serve the public for a greater good larger than just themselves.  The awards are meant to highlight

  • Exceptional Entrepreneurs
  • Standout Team-members
  • And Exemplary Business People

The nomination and selection of this award are based solely on identification and recognition by Better Than Success’ network of team-members, contributors, and partners.  Each recipient is carefully vetted, interviewed, and researched, We don’t take this lightly and base our scrutiny on facts, track records of past successes (and failures), and social impact.

June 2016 Better Than Success Entrepreneur Service Award

Our first award goes to Rashaad Lambert of Philadelphia.  He is the recipient of the June 2016 Better Than Success Entrepreneur Service Award. Rashaad’s commitment to serving and giving back to the community is unparalleled. Recently awarded The 2016 NAACP Image Award for Community and Civic Engagement, his passion for helping improve his community continues to be the keystone of his various business operations, providing resources, education, and advocating on behalf of “the little guy.” He has a long list of accomplishments, including working alongside Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney to have the two Muslim Eid Holidays recognized by the School District of Philadelphia. He is currently partnering with the First Down Investments Tour, to present a series of free financial wellness seminars (you can find the full schedule here), and will also serve as a Special Ambassador for the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Congratulations Rashaad on receiving the 2016 Better Than Success Service Award award!!

Check out our interview with Rashaad Lambert below:

Rashaad Lambert

Better Than Success: Tell our readers a little about yourself and your business.

Rashaad Lambert: My name is Rashaad Lambert and I approved this message *laughs*. I know that usually goes at the end of political ads, but one thing that you’ll learn about me throughout this interview is that I am unconventional and I worked really hard to be able to do things my way. In short, I’m an entrepreneur, but so is everybody else these days right? The more detailed version is that I am a Six Sigma Marketing Strategist who focuses on innovation through ideation. I am the founder of the Lambert Legacy Charities nonprofit organization. I own Sporty Marketing Group which is a hub for freelancers, TL Marketing Solutions which is a consulting firm, Cerebellum H2O which is an alkaline water company, SB Property Management, and a few other businesses but you get the point.

BTS: Tell us about your road to get where you are today.  

RL: How much time do I have? This could take a while.

While in high school in 2001 I was in a rap group called the “Hollow Tips”. We signed a minor deal and traveled the country touring but we weren’t being paid properly. The day I found out that our manager was robbing us blind was the day I found an expense sheet. I noticed that the largest part of our budget was going to marketing. That began to peak my interest…

Fast Forward

I graduated high school in 2004, and headed to The Art Institute of Philadelphia for Digital Media Production in the fall of that year. I started in August and by October the religious organization that pledged to pay for my college education was filing for bankruptcy. I began working for a delicatessen on 18th & Market Streets in Philadelphia (which is ironically across the street from where my office is now) called “Pikkles Plus” by day, and I booked, promoted and staffed parties/concerts at night. While waiting tables I met Joe Frick, former CEO of Independence Blue Cross. Joe took a liking to me and he used a phrase I heard often: “If you ever need anything reach out”. Joe didn’t become CEO until January of 2005 but he kept his word and hired me a few months later. I worked at Blue Cross for 8 years at the various Family Of Companies. My final position with the company was Quality Assurance Director in the Medicare Sales and Marketing Department. I left IBC for Temple University where I worked in undergraduate admissions department. While working at Temple I was able to take a few classes for free and after I quit I attended CCP to finish up. I started my business in 2009 but I was only working in it part-time because I always had a full-time job. In the beginning, I didn’t trust my own success…

BTS: Take us through your typical day.

RL: I wake up at about 5am daily, at the latest I may wake up at about 5:30 am. I read for about half an hour and I call my assistant around 6:15 am to brief. I meet with my trainer at 7 am and I usually leave the gym around 9. Between 11 am and 5pm I’m either in meetings or in the office meeting with my team about upcoming projects and potential new clients. After 5, I attend any events necessary, spend time with my children, hit the art museum, go sit in a park,  or in some cases go back to work to help a pod meet deadlines. I’m usually in bed by around 12/1am.

BTS: What’s the one practice that you do outside of work that helps you with your business, for example exercising, playing chess, etc.?

RL: Because marketing is a mix of psychology and sociology, the thing that helps me most is people watching. Being in settings where I can observe people react to stimuli in an open environment. Chess would be a close second for strategy and scrabble/words with friends is third.

BTS: What is your favorite habit that you developed that helps you with your goals? Tell us how you developed that habit?

RL: Waking up before everyone else is my favorite habit. I like checking my emails while other people are sleeping. That means that I have the jump on the day and by the time they wake up, they’re playing catch up. I developed this habit by being a teen parent. My son was born when I was 16, and lived with me since he was 8 months old. I had to wake up early to workout (I ran track), feed him, get him dressed and drop him off at daycare before I went to school. It started off as something I hated but it grew to be my greatest joy.

BTS: The goal of Better than Success is to teach people how to teach themselves the art of success so tell us what type of self-education you do that keeps you at the top of your game.  We want to know everything!

RL: As I’m doing this interview I am studying for my Six Sigma Blackbelt final exam. The course is fully self-study and online. I am currently a Six Sigma Green Belt but I want to teach Six Sigma courses so I need to earn my black belt to become a sensei. In case you don’t know, Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects in any process. My plan is to become an expert at process improvement. I’ve been obsessed with service quality since I was first introduced to marketing.

BTS: Tell us about how you manage your time to get stuff done.

RL: I recently wrote a blog post about my Time Management strategy. Instead of writing a To Do List, I write a ToDay List. I’ll share an excerpt from the post:

“…The unspoken and unwritten psychological problem with a #ToDoList is that it gives you a false sense of how much time you actually have to complete a task. The purpose is in the right place, but the perceived execution is wrong.  Writing down the task calls those ideas and thoughts out of your head (the mental plane) and into this world (the physical plane) through a pen onto paper.  Manifest. Check.

But the next step is more important; Actually completing the task is about holding yourself accountable using a time frame that can’t be expanded into weeks, months, or even years. Your ToDay List says ‘I’m going to accomplish these tasks or set of goals… TODAY.’ Simple right?…”

BTS: One of the topics we try to drive home on Better Than Success is the importance of being apart of and building strong teams. What advice would you offer to someone who is not the team leader, on how they can be successful?

RL: Dominate what you can control, be a star in your role. One of my clients and I have a running joke that turned into a theme for my companies: Life (business) is a department store and everyone needs to master their floor. If your specialty is housewares, then don’t go to the plus size floor trying to help people pick out clothing. If you work in the toy section, you should be helping people find clowns and not in the home and garden section looking like one.

BTS: If you were giving a graduation speech to college students what would the title of your speech be and three reasons why?

RL: Don’t Not Try This At Home. My three main points would be:

  • Experience is the best teacher
  • Do not be discouraged by the horror stories of other
  • Create your own path. Write your own story.

BTS: What are you reading and your two favorite books?

RL: I’m currently reading ‘Momentum’ by Shama Hyder. My two favorite books are ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’ by Norman Doidge & ‘The Gold Standard’ by Ari Gold

BTS: If you could give your younger self a piece of advice 10 years ago, what would it be and why?

RL: I would give myself 5 pieces of advice:

  1. Do not share ideas with those who do not have the means to help.
  2. Do not be afraid to talk to Peter Thiel. Walk over and introduce yourself
  3. You don’t need anyone’s approval. Finish that chart and turn it in
  4. Never let anyone put anything in your name
  5. It’s better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission

You can connect with Rashaad via the following platforms:

Snapchat: sportymarketing

Email me , Visit, or if you want to take the boring route you can google me using my full name.