How You Can Measure 7 Important Elements of Social Media Marketing

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Are you struggling to get results for your business despite all of your efforts? Have you ever thought about social media analytics?

Your performance on social media is the key to your success. So, you have to analyze and monitor your social media performance and adjust your strategies accordingly. But many marketers aren’t taking the time to do so. Many of them are not even aware of what to measure on social media. To be a successful marketer on social media, you have to monitor some particular points. Mainly, there are 7 factors that you should be concentrating and measuring in social media marketing. They are:

  1. The reach of your business
  2. The profiles of your audience
  3. Quality of your content
  4. Analyzing your rivals

  5. Customer relations

  6. Traffic analysis

  7. Engagement

How are these factors important?

  1. The reach of your business

Reaching your target audience is the primary factor. You should consider implementing strategies to increase the size of your audience. In order to do this you may have to use some paid tools. Once you reach audience, you should be working to convert them to sales or engaging with the audience. You should check your audience size regularly. This gives an idea on what to do next, because if you aren’t reaching new audiences, you cannot expand your business.

  1. The profiles of your audience

If you are increasing your audience, but they aren’t the right ones you should reach, then any other strategies you’re using are going to be useless. So, you must maintain some clarity on what type of audience you want to reach. You can use the analytics to monitor the reach of your audience, and their profiles.

  1. Content quality

Content is the driving force of your business. Effective content combined with efficient strategies gets great conversions. So, always give priority to the quality of the content you are posting. There are so many kinds of content. Not all content works for all businesses. So, make an analysis of what type of content works great for your business.

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  1. Observing your rivals

You should learn from your rivals. Observe the strategies they are implementing. Get the analytics of their outcomes and follow them on social media. It may seem like a hectic job, but if you select just a few of the leading businesses of your niche and track their social media activities, you can really see what’s working and what’s not.

  1. Customer Relations

Maintaining good relations with your customers is an important element of your business. You should take care of your customers and be responsive to them. You may not be online all the time checking all of your social media accounts. But, if you go with the social media automation tools, you can get this automated. Some social media analytics tools also give you insights into the customer interaction and your responsiveness to the queries.

  1. Traffic analysis

Driving traffic is an important aspect of business. But, heavy traffic with no interaction gives you nothing. So, monitor your traffic and implement strategies to create engagement and convert your users into actual paying customers. So, use Traffic analytics to make efficient strategies and to get more traffic.

  1. Engagement

Once you are growing your fan base and getting more traffic, you have to create engagement with the prospects. There are so many strategies followed that you can use to create engagement. But, all do not work. So, you should know which engagement strategies are working for you and your business, and which are not. So, it is the best practice to track the engagement you are getting for your business.

So, these are the elements that should  be tracked and monitored. But how you do you actually do it? Making the manual effort to do this regularly is very tough as you have to maintain multiple accounts and many strategies. So, it is better to go with some social media analytics tools that give you complete insights into your social media presence. Here, are three tools that are very helpful for your social media marketing, especially when it comes the effectiveness. 


SocioBoard is one of the finest social media analytics tool. The platform is really nicely designed and easy to understand so you’ll get benefit from it very quickly. This tools is available with various plans like basic plans and expert plans allowing you to manage multiple social media accounts.

Basic plans range from free of cost to $19.99 per month and the expert plans range from $29.99 to $99.99 per month. All the plans include a basic demo on using the tool.

Features of this tool:

  • SocioBoard enables you to access all the leading social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.
  • This tool tracks all the accessed social media accounts and give real-time analytics of the accounts.
  • You can access a maximum of 1000 profiles.
  • Lets you know which content is doing the best and which is not.
  • You can get the reports of your social activities, conversions and engagements regularly.

Social Report

This tool, Social Report, is a sophisticated one with great affordability. It would be great when you are getting regular email updates and reports of your social media marketing. And this tool gives you this feature. You can get the services of this tool for just $9 per month along with a free 30-day trial.

Features of this tool:

  • This tools supports all the popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and Foursquare.
  • Apart from your individual profiles, you can also add the associated groups to the dashboard.
  • You can get the demographics of your social media analytics.
  • It gives you a daily digest of each social media account through email


This tool is very important in analyzing your rivals and influencers. You can find the most engaging content on the social media. This special featured tool costs you just $249 per month.

Features of this tool:

  • With this tool, you can access unlimited social accounts of your business.
  • The best thing in this tool that it allows you to get the reports of up to 4 competitors. So, you can make better strategies with these reports.
  • This tools supports the basic social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Gives you insights of the most engaged content. So, you can make better content strategies.
  • This tool can be integrated with the Google Analytics.

Any process that you are implementing, should be monitored. You have to make a continuous analysis of the results. Monitoring your social media activities is mandatory. Thanks to the technology, this process is not at all difficult. The seven elements namely, Your Business Reach, Your Audience’s Profiles, Quality of Your Content, Analyzing Your Rivals, Customer Relations, Traffic Analysis, and Engagement are very important in digital marketing. Keeping track of the effectiveness of your efforts in these areas is essential.