Choosing the Right Colors For Your Logo


Choosing the Right Colors For Your Logo

Choosing colors for your logo sounds simple, but can actually be one of the most important aspects to designing your logo. Colors have inherent connotations and meanings behind them. If you ignore this, your company can be about one thing and completely give off an opposite vibe than you intend. In order to prevent that from happening, it’s important to think about what colors mean.


Red is a useful color if you want to reflect urgency in your product. It’s the color of passion, but it can also mean energy or excitement. The color red has also been known to increase appetite. It’s playful, fun, and expresses that easily. If you’re looking to express that your company is energetic, exciting, or new, then it’s a good color to have.


If you’re using Orange, you’re going to express an optimism and warmth to your customers. It’s a color that radiates outwards and says that you’re exciting and fresh. It’s not as severe as red – it’s a bit more mellow than that. It’s an impulsive color that can demonstrate to consumers that you’re a flexible company. Combined with black trimming it can show a lot of excitement and almost act as a statement that you’re on the cutting edge.


If you want your company to express that it’s friendly and communal, than you want to use yellow in your logo. It expresses joy and has a connotations of friendliness. A word of caution though, you will most likely need a black border around this logo, because lighter shades of yellow can fade in with a white background.


The obvious use of green is for a company concerned with nature and life. It’s the color of leaves and grass. It can also be useful to a tech company to express organic innovation and technology. Consider green if you’re trying to display your company as either organic, or ironically enough, high-tech.


If you’re a more suit-and-tie company, blue would work for you. A blue logo can mean professionalism, conservatism, and is a more serious color. It’s reserved for more professional companies and those trying to show that they are reliable.


Purple is a more royal color. If you’re looking to seem an old school sort of sophisticated, purple is a good color to use. It’s luxurious and signifies power as well. It can also show that you’re willing to reach for greatness or allow your customers to reach that greatness.


If you’re a beauty boutique or targeting women with something specific, it sounds cliché, but pink is good to use. As much as we want to stay away from using this over used color for girly brands for our clients, we consistently find that pink works (business success) really well for these brands. It’s a sharp color and the gendered ideas behind it sort of dominate the color for using it as a logo.


While green has a lot of organic connotations, brown drives home to your customers that you’re more rustic and earthy. It’s great for online stores that are selling hiking equipment, or farming tools. It can also mean sophistication and reliability. Brown logos show a company has class.

Black and White

Black and White logos are sleek and modern. It displays a good simplicity – there’s no bells or whistles to your company, it’s just exactly what it is. A company with a black and white logo sort of shows to the customer they can expect to get what they ordered and what they ordered is something sleek and new.

When choosing a color, you want to think of what your audience needs. You want to think of what you are offering to people and what that product provides people. With these considerations in mind, and knowing what each of these colors mean, should make it much easier for you to decide on the color of your company logo. Give us a call if you want help 215/550-5054.