Ep 9: Prioritize Yourself to Productivity with Isaiah Nathaniel

Prioritize Yourself to Productivity

In this episode of the Better Than Success Podcast, Your host Nicole Purvy talks with successful entrepreneur Isaiah Nathaniel about how he runs two successful businesses simultaneously. Isaiah reveals his time management strategy and talks about how to focus. According to Isaiah, both focusing and prioritizing are essential for success. Listen now to learn the secrets to becoming a great leader according to Isaiah. Scroll down and press play to listen to the interview.


Isaiah Nathaniel is a successful entrepreneur, film producer and director who is the owner and CEO of Calcom Technologies a premier Informational Technology company based out of Philadelphia, Pa.

He is also the owner of MadOptics Productions, a film production company that focuses on films, sports, and photography. Recently noted Isaiah received national press as the executive producer, writer, and director of 16th and Philly, a documentary film released February 2014.

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