Ep:28 Using Social Media to Scale Your Business with Zakia Blain of FBF Fitness

Interview with Zakia Blain FBF fitness

In this Episode of the Better Than Success Podcast, host Nikki Purvy interviews FBF Fitness founder Zakia Blain.

Zakia Blain, started her fitness journey due to extreme illness…she was tired of LITERALLY being SICK and TIRED. One day she was working out in 90 degree heat, sweating and out of breath. Her workout partner screamed ” FCK being FAT” at that very moment FCKbeingFAT was born. This was what Zakia and many other who are overweight felt, but may have not had the courage to say. With no background in fitness, but plenty background is every fad diet and weight loss trick around, she simply wanted inspire others, while helping them lose weight the RIGHT WAY.

Through hard work, dedication and consistency, FCKbeingFAT members have lost close to 100,000 lbs in four years without fad diets or pills. FCKbeingFAT uses social media to connect thousands of members from every corner of the world, who share ONE common goal, to live their best life without the excess weight that holds so many of us back from being truly happy. #TEAMFBF is a force to be reckoned with. Since staring FCKbeingFAT, Zakia has become a certified personal trainer, weight loss coach and entrepreneur, she is focused on spreading her love of life, fitness and health in a way that empowers everyone she comes in contact with to BE GREAT.

Zakia tells us her emotional journey of how she went from being a teacher to a fitness expert. She shares how she build her business using social media. You can follow Zakia on Twitter. Listen to this episode now to learn how to use social media to scale your online retail business.
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