How to Improve User Engagement on Your Website


If you operate a website, it is important for you to get visitors on your web page. It is a challenging task to motivate Internet users to land on your website time and again. Many times, it happens that users visit your website once and never come back again. This causes high bounce rate on your website. A website with high bounce rate means contents displayed on that particular website are not liked by visitors.

When you operate a WordPress website, you need to take care of a lot of things to improve user engagement and traffic. A website with high traffic and low bounce is ranked higher in Google and other prominent search engines.

You can take following steps to improve user Engagement on your WordPress Website:

1.Web site’s appearance and color

Your website must be eye-catching and attractive.You must use a harmonious color scheme so that visitors don’t have to struggle to read your content. Green, blue, white, and dark red are good color choices. Also, make sure you have black text on a white background on your website. Bright colors such as bright orange and yellow distract readers from the content.

2.Quick uploading time and Mobile friendly


Millions of people browse the Internet through smartphones. Always make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and users can access it easily and quickly on mobile devices. If your website takes more time to open, Google may decrease its ranking and bounce rate of your website increases rapidly.

3.Quality content

Quality content is important for the success of your website. You should upload quality content, such as blog posts, videos, and make other changes on your site regularly.  Your content should be in simple and easy-to-understand language. Always keep in mind that quality content with relevant information on your website increases user experience and your search engine rankings as well.

4. Activate E-mail Subscription

Activate an e-mail alert on your website. This will allows users to notified of every new published articles directly into their E-mail ID. This motivates users to land on your website many times.

You must display related articles at the end of all posts. When readers go though one content, they desperately look for similar contents to gain more knowledge about the same topic. Adding related content at the end of posts enables them to stay on website for longer duration and browse more posts.


Having an SEO strategy for your WordPreess website is important so that it can rank higher in Google and other prominent search engines. If your website ranks in top 10 or 20 in Google, it helps users to find your websites with entered keywords. Use Google Analytics to determine keywords and do SEO accordingly for increased traffic and skyrocketed User-engagement on your website

6.Social media platform

Be sure to include social media sharing options on your website, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. This will allow users to share your site’s content with their friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. and will help you attract new viewers to your website. These days, the majority of companies are making using of a number of social media plugins such as: Social Warfare, Shareaholic etc. to increase traffic on their website and improve its SERPs in different search engines.

7.User’s feedback

It is possible that some visitors of your website may have issues related to your websites. There are many users who might have valuable suggestions or feedbacks which can improve your website overall performance up to a great extent. That is why your website must have feedback form so that users can contact you easily in case they issues related to your website. Based on suggestions from your readers, you must make essential modifications on your website to make it more user- friendly.

8.Easy navigation

Make sure your visitors know how to find various content on your website. Most of the mobile users complain about difficulty in navigation. Solving any navigation problems will enhance user engagement on your website greatly.

9.  Consistency

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There are lots of players in the market who provide same products and services offered by you, so you must maintain consistency on your website and keep updating it from time-to-time in order to reach out more readers and attract them towards your website. Lack of consistency provokes users to browse other similar websites and you suffer a lot due to decreased traffic.

Maximizing your site’s traffic is essential to your survival in online world. There are many ways to boost user-engagement on your website. The tips above will help you rank higher in Google search results, and get more viewers to your site, and ultimately make more money.


Author Bio: Tracey Jones is a professional WordPress developer who has vast experience in converting PSD to WordPress theme in an efficient manner. Apart from this, she is also a passionate blogger who loves to dig into WordPress and sharing every possible knowledge with readers on the web through her articles.