#29: 5 Tricks to Leading a Successful Team…Plus Bonuses

5 Tricks to Leading a Successful Team

In this episode of the Better than Success Podcast, host Nikki Purvy talks 5 Tricks to Leading a Successful Team.

Nikki shares her experience with on-boarding new clients and how many of them feel the pressure of successfully managing their teams. It turns out that there is a common thread that runs through to the core of this problem. Listen to learn the strategies that will help you move past this major hurdle in the growth of your business.

Nikki’s tips and tricks include the following:

  1. Understand that the success of the team, both individually and collectively is your responsibility as a leader (learn more about leadership here)
  2. Be intentional about team building
  3. Be slow to hire and quick to fire
  4. Always protect your team!
  5. Listen to this episode now to get trick #5 and plus 2 more bonus tips

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