Ep 23: Is Your Business a Multimillion-Dollar Business in the Making? Is your business scalable?

multmullion dollar business; Is your business scalable

In episode 23 of the Better Than Success Podcast, your host Nikki Purvy talks about how to tell if your business is a multimillion dollar business in the making.  Is it scalable? We talk about the 1 simple trivial thing that will determine how scalable your business is.  We also give you specific steps to improve this single thing. We move into exploring why your “why” or your motivation will determine if your business is scalable or not.  Specific answers to the question “what is your why” will determine if your business is scalable or not.  We go through these answers and you can rate your response. We then move into operating leverage. What is operating leverage and how it fits into the equation of scaling your business? Nikki gives an example of what operating leverage is so that anyone can understand it.  We also talk about scaling your processes using checklists.  Learn what “Qualitative variable products or services” vs “Homogenous products or services” are.  What type of product or service do you have? And how does determining this effect how scalable your business is?

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