Ep21: Scaling Your Business: Success Code Minicourse Overview


In episode 21 of the Better Than Success Podcast, host Nikki Purvy talks “Why you need to understand the importance of scaling your business: Success Code Minicourse Overview”

Download the worksheet: Betterthansuccess.com/calculateit

A lot of entrepreneurs come to us for business advice or digital media help and I find that a very common theme that small business owners and new entrepreneurs struggle with is

  • They don’t have a complete vision for their business…
  • They don’t focus on the right aspects of the business that will lead them to success…
  • They think too small

Scale – In financial markets, scalability refers to financial institutions’ ability to handle increased demands; in the corporate environment, a scalable company is one that can maintain or improve profit margins while sales volume increases.

Always Start with the end in mind.

Over the next couple of months, I’m going to put you through a mini course called Success Code that will help will help you. It will feature a closed Facebook group and downloads.

Who this MiniCourse is for…

  • New entrepreneur who doesn’t have a vision
  • 1-3 year entrepreneur and small business team member who is doing well but trying to get over the hump
  • Seasoned vet who is just stuck in a rut

This MiniCourse is not for you:

  • If you want someone to give you an exact model.
  • If you need inspiration to just start your business. Because I’m not telling you that you need to be an entrepreneur. This is for the small business team member. All of you…
  • If you want to get something for nothing…

What to expect:

Better Than Success is all about teaching you how to teach yourself. So I’m going to offer you a framework through lessons that you have to apply yourself. I’m essentially going to teach you how to think so you can go off and learn yourself.

Expect homework. I’m not the “be all end all”. We don’t know everything but I know where to find things. So I will tell you where to find them/

I’m going to bring in people and experts to help talk about certain topics as it pertains to Scale.

Some of the downloads will be free. Some will be $5. Some will be $50. Depending on how intense and comprehensive the material is.

Keep in mind that one out of 10 startups succeed in the first 2 years. 90% of startups fail.

5 steps to Scale: S.C.A.L.E

See it – Vision

Calculate it – Math behind the vision

Aim – Plan

Lay it out – Strategy


Get the Calculate It. Workbook and Spreadsheet at