The Benefits Of Mobile Live Streaming Services


It’s no secret that we are now living in a society where most of our information comes from some social media app such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Periscope.

facebook live
Facebook Live

One of the biggest trends amongst these apps is live video streaming. Of the five social media apps mentioned all use video streaming either exclusively or as a recently added feature that keeps people logged into the app.

Within in the past year, mobile streaming service has grown to be a marketers and business owner’s best friend. Why?

Because You can use the mobile app to educate your audience, broadcast an event, or hold a question and answer session. In addition, you can broadcast news about your business at any giving moment from your office to the car. Mobile streaming services will make explaining your product or any relevant news to your industry easy.

Here are five benefits of using mobile streaming services for your business:

Use Streaming Video to Obtain a Wider Audience

Streaming services within apps allows you to reach almost anyone remotely. Also, it helps widen access to information about your business, where everyone receives the same information ensuring consistency. Your access to consumers and/or prospects is not limited to your local area. As long as a person has your username, they can find you at the click of a button in the search bar or simply through the use of hashtags without even knowing your name.

Streaming Video Can Increase Your Productivity

Using streaming services saves you a great amount of work time. You are able to directly connect with your audience and receive their feedback within in seconds. In addition, this is a great way for marketers to decrease the amount of time spent on the creative aspect of branding products. Not to mention, you can use your other social media handles, such as twitter to promote a future date for Q&A. Any questions received on twitter can be addressed in your live video to save time.

Video Streaming Allows Flexibility

Mobile streaming service is super convenient for your audience. At the click of a button, your audience can watch your live video in the comfort of their home or in transit. Therefore, the service isn’t a huge burden for your audience to rush home and watch your video. If they miss your video they can play it back. Periscope enables replays within 24 hours after a stream ended. NEW! Add #save to the title of your Periscope live stream broadcast to keep it permanently.

Video Streaming Apps Are Mobile Friendly

Quite obvious, apps are mobile friendly. But keep in mind mobility usability can vary from app to app. From personal experience with using Periscope, it will rarely crash. Nor, will it have your phone bugging out like some other mobile services with video, such as Snapchat.

Video Streaming Apps Are Budget Friendly

Using mobile video stream services is FREE! Unlike, live video streaming services Dacast and Onyx Servers, whose prices can be as low as $19 or as high as $500 a month. Woah, talk about breaking the bank!

Downloading a mobile streaming service such as Periscope will be the best use of the storage on your phone to help grow your business. The app gives you direct access to your audience and makes the branding experience more intimate. Consumers like to feel like they are a part of the process and using mobile streaming services is a great way to bridge the gap between your business and audience.