When it comes to following your dreams, be prepared to be committed for the long haul. Whether you’re starting a business or embarking on a dream career, please know that your dreams have been put inside of you for a reason. They are tied to your life’s purpose. Your life’s purpose should be seen as something that will engage you for an entire lifetime, hence the term “life’s purpose”. With that being said, please don’t look at this journey to success as a race, look at it as a marathon, a marathon, that should be paced, planned with strategy, but yet taken seriously. Below are some things to remember when attacking your like’s purpose/journey.

Pace Yourself for the Long Haul

Be sure to pace yourself. We all want instant gratification because, well “instant” just sounds so much better. Just imagine, you think about something and then instantly, it appears before your eyes. Sounds nice? Yeah sure, but life just doesn’t work that way. Things take time and honestly, if you think about the time it takes to accomplish something meaningful and lasting, 5, 10, 20 years, it’s really not all that long. Once you understand how long/short success really takes to manifest itself in a more permanent nature, you’ll be more accepting of the effort and time required. Be sure to pace yourself. If you know that your dreams will require a lot of time and effort then be sure to pace yourself and not burn out. If you try to work long hours for long periods of time then you will burn out ultimately prolonging the time it takes to get to success.

Be Strategic and Plan Your Steps

Since the road to success is a marathon and you know your journey will take time, it may benefit you to plan your steps and strategize. If you look at it as a race then you probably don think you have enough time to plan and strategize. But if you know that it will take you a few years to success, then you know that you have enough time to strategize and plan your steps ultimately leading to the achievement of your goals.

But Don’t Take Your Time

With all that was said, I don’t want you to take your time. Be patient and international but know that your time on this earth is limited. Do not procrastinate and charge ahead full steam ahead.