Why Every Business Should Have a Facebook Page


If you are starting a business it is imperative that you have more than a website to market your brand. You should be extending your marketing skills on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. However, having a Facebook business page is one of the best ways to use social media for your business. Facebook has generated over a billion users since 2004 and it has been able to withstand the outburst of new social media sites over time.

You might think that Facebook has nothing to offer when you log in except for new updates from your grandparents since a lot of users only get on to give their family members an update from time to time. I’ll admit to just posting a status to scrolling through your news feed before I understood the power of Facebook. But, have you ever logged onto Facebook out of sheer boredom, and before you know it your clicking on an interesting sponsored article or product that a family member might have shared? We all have. And that is only because of Facebook marketing.

Here are four reasons why your business should have a Facebook Business Page

Potential Reach

Facebook has more users than the population of China, and a larger reach of any social media platform available. Last year, it was reported that Facebook has over 1.59 billion monthly users that are active worldwide. This gives your business the opportunity to touch base with consumers in your local market and even internationally. The great thing about Facebook is it has an option allowing users to share content with family and friends. This tactic is similar to everyday life where you would share information word of mouth. In addition, word of mouth strategy is a great advertising tool because if a consumer hears about through a friend they are more likely to engage in your brand.

Build a community

Having a Facebook Business Page is somewhat like having an open discussion page where you can gain insight from community members on their likes and dislikes. Small online communities are typically attractive to people because it allows them to voice their opinions and feel valued. To make your Facebook Page more engaging, try offering incentives to your followers like month long contestants or promotions.


Facebook offers it’s own form of advertising built into the website when you start a Business page. Facebook ads are great because they allow you to get extremely specific with your target audience. You can use Facebook advertising to increase pages likes, engagement on your page, email leads, and essentially sell your product.

Help with Your SEO

You can use Facebook to increase activity to your business website by promoting your website and providing a link. This can sometimes help to improve your SEO if the links you share are listed by search engines. The number one thing to remember with SEO is that you must consistently share interesting and original content. If you have interesting content on you Facebook page that is relevant to your business you could see a major increase in your search engine rankings.

It’s safe to say that Facebook is here to stay. It has managed to stick around for 12 years and not lose its momentum. If anything Facebook is growing stronger by the minute by keeping its users with tricks, such as using the social media site to sign in with everyday mobile apps. For example, some websites allow users to sign in with their Facebook making accessing their sites much easier. Let’s not forget, Facebook still ranks as the number one social media site with over a billion active users.

So, if you don’t already have a Facebook Business page, create one today. Once you do, you’ll be able to get started using all of their amazing features to grow your brand and get new clients.