creative or analytical

Quiz: Are you Creative, Analytical, or Both?

Are you creative, analytical, or both? Knowing this attribute will allow you to better accommodate the ways you learn, work, and even what goals you pursue in order to make yourself a more efficient person. Take this short quiz to find out a little more about yourself, you may be surprised by the results.

Nina Keyes Shares How to Jump start your first Large Scale startup

Ep 16: Nina Keyes Shares How a Single Mother Jumpstarted Her First Large Scale Startup While Raising Children & Working a 9-to-5

Nina Keyes is the Founder and CEO of The Philly Cheesesteak Tour. The Philly Cheesesteak Tour is a sightseeing food tour that highlights Philly Culture, Philly History and most importantly, the world famous Philly Cheesesteak. Nina is a full-time teacher and mother by day and tourism and hospitality specialist by night. In this episode of…

How to Properly Brand Your Business with Branding Expert Justin Carson

Ep 15: How to Properly Brand Your Business

In episode #15 of the Better Than Success Podcast your host, Nikki Purvy talks with a Branding Specialist. Our Guest is an “Expert Professional Unemployee”. He specializes in digital branding and creative development for lifestyle, fashion, food, and entertainment.  He’s had a successful career in nightlife as well as business consultancy. Justin is currently the…