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Early last year, I learned about Bitcoin and I was super against it.  I told everyone I knew that it was a stupid investment and just a ridiculous “thing” to waste your money on.  

At the request of a few crypto-fanatic friends in my circle, I finally broke down and watched a couple hours worth of tutorials and read a ton of articles about it (yes, at first I did pass judgement without knowing what it was exactly).

The information didn’t make me change my mind about it not being the best investment, but it did allow to make an informed decision about it.


My Bitcoin Investing Strategy

I decided to use my “play” money to buy some.  

You know, the money you put to the side for vacations, expensive dinners, and shoes (yes shoes, we all have “our” thing).


I Felt Empowered Once I was Educated on Bitcoin

Once I took the time to get educated about crypto, I did feel empowered.  I felt empowered to carry my own in a conversation with my new really smart and successful neighbor in my new condo I just moved into. 

I also felt empowered to go on and almost double my money when i actually decided to buy some. 

I still dont believe bitcoin is “investment worthy” but it is “play worthy”.

This is just my opinion.  I dont claim to be an expert.  I keep experts round me who know what they’re doing as it pertains to crypto or anything outside my wheelhouse for that matter.

Cryptocurrencies Are Changing the World

But, I am an expert on knowing when to educate myself on a topic.  

Cryptocurrencies are changing the world, and I want you to be able to hold your own in a conversation about it when you’re in that new lounge where all the executives in your city go…or when you get invited to the corporate luncheon and potential clients and customers are sitting around the table talking about it.

This is why we are offering a Cryptocurrency 101 class on Jan 27th in Philly.
Virtual tickets are also available so you can watch from anywhere in the world…

Here are the deets: 


Cryptocurrency 101 Class in Philly (And Virtual)

In this class, instructors and bitcoin specialists Jabbar Fairweather, AJ Perez, and finance professional Charles “Tank” Harris will teach attendees the basics of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Ripple, BitCash, etc) has taken the world by storm but many people are still confused about how it works.
In this 2 hour class attendees will learn the basics of cryptocurrency and how to have an educated and informed conversation about it. We will debunk common myths and sort truth from assumptions that most people make when learning about cryptocurrency. And most importantly attendees will learn how and where to buy the best cryptocurrency for them. In addition, students will learn:


  • What is Bitcoin
  • The history of cryptocurrency
  • What are cryptocurrency exchanges
  • The difference between various cryptocurrencies
  • How to buy cryptocurrencies
  • How to sell cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptocurrency as an asset in your investment portfolio
  • The definition of ‘Blockchain”
  • How to get a cryptocurrency wallet
  • Cryptocurrency tools, apps, websites, and podcasts.

There are a limited number of spots. Get your ticket now!

In Conclusion

in conclusion, I need you to understand this: I’m not here to convince you to invest in Cryptocurrencies. I do want you to be informed about how the world around you is changing.  Enroll in the class now!