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The AntiHustle Intensive MasterClass: Grow a 6-Figure Business in 1 Year (Cohort #3)

June 29 @ 11:00 am - June 30 @ 3:00 pm EDT

****3 Important Warnings:

1) This class is for serious entrepreneurs ONLY (both new and vets) . This class is exclusively designed for someone who runs a business or has the serious intent to launch a business in the next year or less. Any attendee found in violation will be asked to leave with a partial refund

2) This class’ curriculum is based on Christian principles. The content for this course is specifically designed to encourage participants to use their God given purpose to its fullest and maximum potential. If this makes you uncomfortable then this class is not for you.


Imagine starting and building your business to six figures in revenue in just one year…

Owning and running a successful business in your passion industry has been your dream your whole life. But, the problem is, most entrepreneurs fail in the first two years and you CANNOT allow that to happen to you! Whether you are looking to grow your stagnant business, or get your business off the ground so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed, The AntiHustle will give you the blueprint for avoiding the pitfalls of most unsuccessful entrepreneurs.

Based on the best selling book, The AntiHustle by Nicole Purvy, this step-by-step intensive masterclass will teach you:

  • How Nicole grew a six-figure business in less than a year, without “hustling” or “over-stressing”.
  • Why the concept of “hustling” is actually working against you and keeping you in the poor house.
  • Why trying to “hustle” your way to the top will NEVER work.
  • How to work smarter, and not harder, so you can have your time and peace of mind while making money from your passion.
  • How to start a business with as little stress as possible.
  • The five steps to breaking the hustle mentality, known as the AntiHustle formula.
  • How to leverage the gift of the AntiHustle to start a six-figure business in just one year.

In just one year, you could achieve your six figures in business and set yourself up for endless success, and beyond.

In this 2-day intensive Masterclass students will learn:

  • How to pick the right business in the right industry
  • How to time your success properly
  • How to implement the 7 steps of the AntiHustle to ensure success at any stage of building your business
  • The most common ways that cause most entrepreneurs to fail and how to strategically avoid them like the plague
  • How to prepare yourself to receive an overflow of revenue
  • How to align your specific talents, gifts, skills, and purpose to create a customized plan of action to success and beyond

Each attendee will leave with a clear and defined plan of action for their business and ultimately their life purpose

Your ticket includes:

  • Copy of “The AntiHustle” book
  • Copy of “The AntiHustle” workbook
  • Attendance for both days of the event: March 23rd, 11am-3pm AND March 24th, 11am-3pm

Main Instructor, Nicole Purvy

Entrepreneur, author, real estate investor and podcaster, Nicole Purvy is the founder of Better Than Success. BTS provides education, and valuable resources to first-generation entrepreneurs, leaders and key members of small teams around the world, through 9 sub-brands including the Better Than Success Real Estate League, Philly Real Estate Week, Women In Real Estate Summit, the Better Than Success Podcast and BTS Funding.

Through her leadership the Better Than Success Real Estate League is one of the largest and fastest growing Real Estate Clubs in Philadelphia by bridging the information gap between developers and decision makers and hundreds of every day investors and investor hopefuls.

She also provides platforms for thousands of entrepreneurs and real estate investors to come together and learn through her large events such as the 7-day event, Philly Real Estate Week and the Women and Real Estate Summit.

Her podcast the Better Than Success Podcast, was named #11 of the top 48 podcasts for entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur Magazine and 1 of 5 top podcasts for Entrepreneurs by Kontrol magazine.

Her passion for helping entrepreneurs and businesses grow and succeed is the cornerstone for her businesses. She has also authored the critically acclaimed book “The AntiHustle: Start a Six Figure Business in One Year”.


“I just finished the AntiHustle workshop and I have to say, of all the workshops I’ve never been to, I never felt so calm in my spirit.  I really feel a change in my spirit and I thank you guys!”

“I just took the AntiHustle class and we had an opportunity to hear from some entrepreneurs who have been in business for a long time. I learned to build my business budget, business development, grow my business, and properly set my prices, as well as sales, and social media marketing.  This was an amazing 2-day class and one of the best parts about it for me was that it was biblically based, so that we were able to evaluate our purpose to ensure that we were in alignment with God.  Great class, Great Book. Be sure to check it out!” 


June 29 @ 11:00 am
June 30 @ 3:00 pm