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BTS Real Estate League Membership v1.1

Better Than Success Real Estate League is one of the premier educational and networking resources for new and existing real estate investors. We are a group of like-minded new and experienced investors committed to learning and creating wealth through real estate. We train ourselves from within AND learn from outside resources through a growing network of industry professionals and new investors, private networking events, virtual learning materials, and much more…all while having fun!

Our members get an insane amount of real estate investing support and education.  We are known for our signature weekly real estate mastermind meetings but our league is so much more than that. Our members get access to online curriculum, field events, and a built in network of real estate investors that can suit any real estate investing strategies…plus much more…

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Women in Real Estate 2018 Workshop Recordings

Get access to all 14 workshops and keynotes form the Women in Real Estate Summit 2018 brought to you by Better Than Success. This is the perfect chance to receive comprehensive education presented by the most powerful women real estate in Philadelphia. The entire series of virtual lessons will consist of the recordings of the entire agenda of the summit including lectures from 18 women in the real estate business.