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2020 Real Estate Jawn Challenge


Welcome to 2020!

Start the new decade off on the right track with the Real Estate Jawn Challenge.  Every day of this Challenge, participants in this challenge will receive a piece of highly curated content right in their inbox, designed to prep them for the next decade of investing and wealth building.

Dates: Dec 25, 2019 – Jan 7, 2020

Get your ahead of the game by getting your head in the game.

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BTS Intense Business Transformational One on One Training

$400.00 $257.00

This training is designed to help entrepreneurs transform their business trajectory and get them on the right path to success.  Many of our business problems come from us not asking the right questions or we even look at our ‘problem’ as something that’s holding us back when it could be an opportunity for us for capitalize on. Business Success Coach and BTS founder Nicole Purvy will be working with only a few businesses that take this limited time opportunity during the 2 week time frame of Oct 19-Nov 2, 2016.  This training session includes 2 one-on-one phone calls with personalized action plans for each participant.

BTS Real Estate League Membership Furloughed Gov’t Workers

$64.00 / month with a 5-month free trial and a $247.00 sign-up fee

Better Than Success Real Estate League is one of the premier educational and networking resources for new and existing real estate investors. We are a group of like-minded new and experienced investors committed to learning and creating wealth through real estate. We train ourselves from within AND learn from outside resources through a growing network of industry professionals and new investors, private networking events, virtual learning materials, and much more…all while having fun!

Our members get an insane amount of real estate investing support and education.  We are known for our signature weekly real estate mastermind meetings but our league is so much more than that. Our members get access to online curriculum, field events, and a built in network of real estate investors that can suit any real estate investing strategies…plus much more…

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Complete Guide to LinkedIn


The Complete Guide to LinkedIn will show you the ins and outs of using the social media site. LinkedIn is the most effective social media sites for attracting new customers to your business, especially for B2B companies. LinkedIn is also a great resource for freelancers, and speakers to attract opportunities. If you are not using LinkedIn, you’re missing out an amazing resource. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to be able to take full advantage of the site and grow your business’ reach.


How to Attract Corporate Sponsor


This resource guide is full of information for business owners looking to attract corporate sponsorship dollars for their programs, events, and nonprofit organizations. Also included is a checklist for creating your sponsorship information packets so that you have a greater chance of getting your requests fulfilled.


Scale Your Business Blueprint

$349.00 $49.00

This Kit accompanies episode 23 of the Better Than Success Podcast. It will help you determine if your business or business idea is Scalable. Most importantly, it will help you to get in the mindset of scale if you find that your business is not. Go here to listen to episode 23 of the podcast. Be sure to download the Better Than Success ‘Calculate It’ Kit to determine if your scaled business is financially viable.
This kit features:

  • The exact guide and formula for a winning elevator pitch
  • A checklist guide (How to scale your processes with checklists)
  • A guide for making checklists for customizable products
  • An sample Checklist

Ultimate Course to Creating Ecommerce Emails


This ebook is an easy-to-use guide to creating ecommerce emails for your business that get your subscribers to buy from you. Email marketing conversions are 40% higher than any other form of online marketing. But are you using this resource to your fullest capacity? These tips provided in this guide will help you get unstuck with your email marketing campaign and take advantage of the highest converting form of online marketing.

Ultimate Time Management Strategy


Get 75% more done everyday! This Time Management Strategy will help you take control of your time and finally get more done. Start accomplishing your goals, meeting deadlines, and having more free time than ever before by using the strategies in this guide.


Wholesalers Private Mastermind Luncheon (Members Only)


This lunch is at a private location with a private chef.
Members only.
Who should come: Serious wholesalers only (fully time wholesalers OR you have done at least one deal)
Every attendee will have to present a 5 minute talk about a valuable little known wholesaling strategy or tip.
Also come with an open mind about expanding your co-wholesaling network.
Cost covers the private chef.
Location will be sent to attendees (Northern liberties section).