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Comprehensive Accelerated Construction Management Course – Recordings

This is a 3-session virtual intensive course designed to teach real estate investors & investor hopefuls to manage & GC their own real estate rehabs

About this Event

A wise (and very wealthy) man once said that successful real estate developers are very good at 2 things: Finance an Construction Management. This class is the answer to 1/2 of the formula.

The Comprehensive Accelerated Construction Management Course is a 4-week intensive course designed to teach real estate investors and investor hopefuls to manage and GC their own real estate rehabs. Participants who complete the program will receive a Construction and Real Estate Project Management Certificate of Completion from Better Than Success. Taught by experienced Real Estate Investor Julia Choseed this accelerated curriculum will positively change the lives of all who attend.


Virtual (You get get instant access to all 3 sessions

Participants Will Learn:

  • Construction and Project Management Mindset and Foundation
  • Jobsite Safety
  • Contracts
  • Budget Management
  • Permits
  • Zoning
  • Profitability Reports
  • Predevelopment
  • Full Gut Rehab Phases (All Phases!)
  • Architect management
  • Interior Design
  • Materials selection

Who Should Participate:

  • Experienced Investors that want to improve their project management skills
  • New Investors who want to avoid mistakes of the past and learn design trends
  • Investor Hopefuls who want to cut down on their learning curve

Course Topics

  • Mindset and Foundation
  • Becoming a GC and Setting up Your Business
  • Contracts / Managing subcontractors
  • Budget Management/ Scope of Work
  • Permits
  • Zoning
  • Predevelopment
  • Architect Management
  • Jobsite Walkthrough/ How to Manage Your jobsite
  • Jobsite Safety
  • Full Gut Rehab Phases (All Phases!)
  • Profitability Reports/ Project Accounting
  • Interior Design
  • Materials Selection
  • Plus a Construction Management Field Day (Attendees will get hands on experience by touring projects currently managed by the instructor)

Instructor Julia Choseed

Licensed general contractor, real estate investor, and developer, Julia Choseed is the founder and CEO of Brickhouse Builders, a real estate development company that focuses on investing in Philadelphia’s Strawberry Mansion neighborhood. In 2016, Julia purchased her first property with $11 in her bank account and quit her job the same day. Since then, she’s developed over $3.5mm in real estate deals and raised over $350,000 in private money. Through out her successful career in real estate Choseed has flipped, rented, wholesaled and GC-ed other investors projects until she ultimately decided to exclusively focus on managing only her own projects. Under her direction, Brick House Builders is known for its unique and stunning interior design and layouts while focusing on historic preservation. In her spare time, Choseed enjoys photography.