Better Than Success Podcast Advertising




Get 2 not 1 but 2, 30 second spots on 2 consecutive episodes of the Better Than Success Podcast show for $300. So you know what that means? You really get 2 minutes of advertisement space for the affordable rate of $300.

Once you’ve made your purchase email us at to schedule your Podcast advertising.

Why You Should Advertise on Podcasts:

  • Get your business in front of thousands of qualified customers.
  • Podcast audiences are loyal and dedicated to show and host because the audience finds host trustworthy and relatable
  • Podcast advertising is cheaper than advertising on radio and television. FOR NOW!

The trend in podcasting is growing so quickly that it’s becoming more popular than regular radio stations. Especially since it’s more accessible and you can listen to your favorite podcast anywhere at anytime. Unless of course you don’t have an internet connection, but there’s free wifi everywhere.

So if you’re a podcast listener (chances are, you are) you know how loyal you are to that particular podcast show. With that being said, Better Than Success gets thousands of loyal listeners worldwide each and every week. So, our loyal listeners will become your loyal customers. And you just can’t beat that with a baseball bat, lol.

Because podcasting is growing, the demand for podcast advertisements have gotten greater and it’s only going to continue to grow. Podcast advertising is a fast growing trend that you want to be a part of. And, once it fully catches on, the prices are going to skyrocket. This only means you need to hop on the band wagon before podcast advertising becomes less affordable

Once you’ve made your purchase call 215.550.5054 or email us at to schedule your Podcast advertising.