Real Estate Speed Dating


Real Estate Speed Dating

Welcome to our unique “Speed Dating” event designed exclusively for real estate professionals looking to form profitable partnerships. While it may be called “Speed Dating,” our focus is on building real estate partnerships, not romantic relationships. Let’s come together and create wealth through strategic collaborations!

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Real Estate Speed Dating

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About this event


-Real Estate Investors









-Property Managers


& anyone interested in or involved in any facet of Real Estate

1) We call it “speed dating” but…
We are not here to find romantic partners, we are here to find real estate partners. So let’s make some money together!!!!

2) Partner with someone who complements your business style as well as your assets.
For instance, if you have good credit but have no cash, try to partner with someone who has cash but has no credit. Or if you know that you are not a very detailed person it may work out for you to find a partner who has a high level of attention to detail.

3) BTS wants to create an environment that fosters partnerships but by no means do we endorse specific partnerships
We love that you want to do business together and we encourage it, but by all means, do your own due diligence on your partner. And above all, protect yourself by consulting a lawyer before entering a partnership agreement. Lastly, be sure to arm yourself with operating agreements, promissory notes, and/or other legally binding documents, when applicable.

4) We don’t take anything personal
Here is a scenario…You may meet someone you think would be a great partner but after you leave the event, they seem disinterested. Please don’t take it personally. You never know what their behind-the-scenes circumstances are that prevent them from doing a deal with you. We have to respect each other’s privacy and they have no obligation to you to share the details of their personal or professional life. In that case, we don’t take anything personally. It could have nothing to do with you.

5) What happens in speed dating stays in speed dating
You may learn some sensitive private info about your colleagues during speed dating but under no circumstances are you to share that info with anyone.

Event Details

Date: September 27, 2023

Start time: 07:00 p.m. EDT

End time: 09:00 p.m. EDT

Venue: Better Than Success LLC 2930 Jasper Street ##103 Philadelphia, PA 19134 United States