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Dayira “DayyBella” Jones was born on December 20, 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a socialite and social media personality. Dayira began embracing fashion since the day she was born. Her parents, Ashia Malvin and Darrick Jones, have always pushed her to be and have the best. Her innate passion for fashion and social entertainment is a result of her experiences with her mother. The DayyBella brand is a product of her pictorial contributions on social media. At the age of 19, Dayira shared her fabulous flare for fashion by launching her t-shirt line, Bella Bar Tees. TheDayyBella brand emphasizes that life for the young and fabulous can be effortless. Bella Bar Tees is one of the first of many projects that encourages everyone to be simply fly in their everyday wear.

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