Our BTS Certified Real Estate Executives

Yulonda Paul

Owner/CEO of YJP & Associates LLC.

Yulonda J. Paul was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. She graduated with a B.S. from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Yulonda has been employed with the government for over 30 years in various positions.

With the passing of both parents in 2012 and 2013, it became Yulonda’s mission to
build a legacy for her two sons. In 2017, she discovered a passion for real estate investing as a path to building generational wealth. Yulonda educated herself on real estate investing as she ventured outside of her home state and partnered with her business partner on her first real estate investment deal. Shortly after she joined the Better Than Success Real Estate League in Philadelphia, PA. With the help and guidance of the league and their mentors, Yulonda and her business partner continued to acquire more real estate deals in the Philadelphia market.

Yulonda is the Owner and CEO of YJP & Associates LLC., a boutique real estate consulting firm that caters to aspiring and novice real estate investors. The firm specializes in developing individualized action plans with their clients to start them on their path to real estate investing; providing guidance and resources to support them on their journey.

Yulonda is now an owner of several companies, a mentor and a BTS Executive, passing on “The Blueprint”, as it was done for her. She is a strong proponent of “Each One, Teach One”, because “WE are all we got”.