Our team of executives have experience in many different area of real estate. Take a look at the case studies of our team to learn more about their areas of expertise and accomplishments.


Camille Pearsall’s lifelong dream of becoming a real estate developer began to take shape in 2015, but not without significant challenges. Working full time in law enforcement as a Ranked Correctional Professional and raising her family, she tried to arm herself with as much knowledge about the industry as possible.






Jabbar Fairweather is a Serial Entrepreneur and Real Estate Professional who, in addition to closing multiple deals every month, takes the time to help others overcome the barriers to success. He’s a graduate of Drexel University with a degree in Information Systems Technology and Temple University for Real Estate and has 21 years in the business.



A finance manager for Ernst & Young, she is someone who dots every i and crosses every t. She does things the way they “should” be done, including responding to emails and texts about this feature with lightning speed.



Over the last three decades, Kim Avant-Babb, co-Founder of Babb Properties, has methodically built a system that provides quality housing and community stability in Philadelphia. She’s done so with consistency, grit, a thirst to learn, meticulous customer service, and landlord integrity.



By all standards, Kyle Odum has a great job as the Director of Creative Services for the City of Philadelphia. His group is responsible for all print and graphic designs, internal website design, creation of digital media services, and video production services for the City departments.




Princess A. Hairston is aptly named – she is effervescent, passionate about many subjects – and juggles a hecticly rewarding life.




Where others see insurmountable challenges, Watson Saintsule of Covenant Real Estate Investment Group sees just another “ordinary” day in his extraordinary profession. His willingness to roll up his sleeves and untangle the gnarliest of property transfer knots has earned his firm the reputation of the one to turn to get the deal done.



Yulonda Paul never thought about real estate investing until tragedy struck. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away a short two months later. The inheritance she received was more cash than she’d ever had access to at once. Knowing her mother worked a lifetime to save this money, Paul began to worry about how to invest it wisely.