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Financial Planning for Real Estate Investors w/ Brittni Sennett – 09142022

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Pre-foreclosure Opportunities in a Shifting Market w/ Sherita Delgado – 08312022

The Eviction Process in Philadelphia: An Escape Plan for the Problem Tenant w/ Angelina C. Williams – 08172022

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Market Changes and Conditions: How to Prepare for Upcoming Changes w/ Jabbar Fairweather – 07272022

Unique Wholesale Strategies to Increase Deals in 2022 w/ TJ Burns – 07202022

WIRE 2022: Hire Our Paid Services for Growth w/ Camille Pearsall – 07162022

WIRE 2022: Out of State Investing and Essentials to Starting a Real Estate Investment Journey w/ Rosena Saintlouis – 07162022

WIRE 2022: Leveraging Real Estate Partnerships Short and Long Term Benefits w/ Seidah Abu-bakir – 07162022

Investing through Life Insurance How to Make Term, Whole & Universal Life Work for You w/ Jonathan Davenport – 07132022

Real Estate Q&A w/ Ryan Fischer of CAMA Self-Directed IRA – CamaPlan – 07072022

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Book Club Meeting: What Would the Rockefellers Do? Part 2 w/ Nicole Purvy – 06292022

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How Landlords are Financing Real Estate Deals in 2022 w/ Matthew Weber – 04282022

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Six Points to Achieve Capital in Business and Real Estate Investments w/ M. Kenneth Lawrence – 04202022

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Real Estate Investors Q&A Session with Bruce McCall and Julia Choseed – 04072022

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How I Converted My Multi-Family Investments Into Short Term Rentals With Leon Buie

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Water Damage Restoration Contractor Everette Greene and Nicole Purvy – 01072022

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Raising Capital Outside of Non-Traditional Real Estate Investors w/ C. Robert – 12282021Pedraza

Real Estate Q&A with Full Time Investors Noel Parnell and Nicole Purvy – 12302021

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Advanced Wholesale Strategies: How I Closed on 19 Deals in 1 Year w/ Eudania Burrell – 12162021

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Live Coaching Session with New Real Estate Investor by Nicole Purvy – 12022021

How I Acquired 11 Units in 11 Months During the Pandemic w/ Cornelius Middleton – 12012021

Real Estate Q&A Session: 50 Units in 5 Years Using Tax Auctions w/ Reggie Bullock- 11182021

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Real Estate Development and Engineering: Top Tips and Tricks for Your Next Investment w/ Jane Ellen – 11102021

Real Estate Q&A Session: From Single Family to Large Scale Multi-family Conversions w/ Daniel Harvey – 11042021

Cash Flow Management for Real Estate Investors – How To Tell Your Money Where To Go Instead of Asking Where It Went w/ Curtis May

Real Estate Q&A Session: Building a Massive Real Estate Empire by Land Banking w/ Levar Clark – 10282021

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