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How to Negotiate Better Real Estate Deals w/ Watson Saintsulne – 05072022

How Do Wholesalers Find Good Real Estate Deals w/ Donni Fludd – 05052022

Book Club Meeting: What Would the Rockefellers Do Part 1 – 05042022

How Landlords are Financing Real Estate Deals in 2022 w/ Matthew Weber – 04282022

Creative High Leveraged Bridge Loan Financing Strategies w/ Adam Finkel – 04282022

Using Business Credit to Generate Wealth w/ Herman Dolce – 04212022

Six Points to Achieve Capital in Business and Real Estate Investments w/ M. Kenneth Lawrence – 04202022

The Top Insurance Mistakes Real Estate Investors Can Make and How You Can Avoid Them w/ Justin Angle – 04132022

Real Estate Investors Q&A Session with Bruce McCall and Julia Choseed – 04072022

How to Buy Rent-Ready Properties for $0 Out of Pocket w/ Nicole Purvy – 04062022

How Thomas Montgomery Turned Wholesaling into Real Estate Investing – 03312022

How to Navigate L&I: Intro to the Permit Process w/ Marvin Jackson – 03302022

Book Club Meeting Profit First (Last Quarter) – 03262022

Real Estate Q&A Session w/ Alvin Hope Johnson & Nicole Purvy – 03242022

Conversation with Allan Domb, Real Estate Professional and Philadelphia Councilmember – 03162022

From Prison Life to Real Estate Entrepreneurship w/ Dom Summers – 03102022

How I Leveraged Personal & Business Credit to Create 20 Streams of Income & Retire from Corporate America w/ Terri Couser – 03092022

How to Raise Private Money for Real Estate w/ Julia Choseed – 02172022

How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate w/ Rodney Ross – 03032022

Most Common Transactional Documents When Renovating A Rental Property w/ Adam Pritzker – 02232022

Making Millions through Multi-Family Development w/ Lila Green – 02162022

MEP Engineering: What Every Investor Should Know w/ Anthony Rodio – 02102022

How to Finance Your Next Real Estate Deal in 2022 w/ Marc Brown

Advanced Guide to Leveraging Your Real Estate Capital w/ Jason Cole – 02022022

How I Converted My Multi-Family Investments Into Short Term Rentals With Leon Buie

Real Estate Q&A Session w/ Lorenzo Jackson – 01202022

How to Buy 100 Hotels Without Going Bankrupt w/ Michael Ealy – 01192022

Real Estate Q&A w/ Funding Strategists MB Capital and Nicole Purvy – 01132022

Effective Methods for Using Other People’s Money for Real Estate Investing w/ Marc Brown – 01122022

Book Club Meeting Getting the Money Part 2 – 01082022

Water Damage Restoration Contractor Everette Greene and Nicole Purvy – 01072022

Efficient Tips and Tools for Construction Management w/ Jamil Soucar – 01052022

Raising Capital Outside of Non-Traditional Real Estate Investors w/ C. Robert – 12282021Pedraza

Real Estate Q&A with Full Time Investors Noel Parnell and Nicole Purvy – 12302021

Real Estate Coaching and Why Investors Need an LLC w/ Nicole Purvy – 12232021

How I Converted My Multi-Family Investments into Short Term Rentals w/ Leon Buie – 12232021

Advanced Wholesale Strategies: How I Closed on 19 Deals in 1 Year w/ Eudania Burrell – 12162021

Real Estate Q&A Session: Live coaching w/ Nicole Purvy – 12092021

How to Properly Optimize Funding for Your Next Deal w/ Douglas J Beck – 12082021

Live Coaching Session with New Real Estate Investor by Nicole Purvy – 12022021

How I Acquired 11 Units in 11 Months During the Pandemic w/ Cornelius Middleton – 12012021

BTS REL Intermediate Class w/ Nicole Purvy – 11202021

Real Estate Q&A Session: 50 Units in 5 Years Using Tax Auctions w/ Reggie Bullock- 11182021

Zoning and Land Use in Philadelphia w/ Rachael Pritzker – 11182021

Real Estate Q&A Session: Building a $225 Million Dollar Portfolio with Kerry Faix – 11112021

Real Estate Development and Engineering: Top Tips and Tricks for Your Next Investment w/ Jane Ellen – 11102021

Real Estate Q&A Session: From Single Family to Large Scale Multi-family Conversions w/ Daniel Harvey – 11042021

Cash Flow Management for Real Estate Investors – How To Tell Your Money Where To Go Instead of Asking Where It Went w/ Curtis May

Real Estate Q&A Session: Building a Massive Real Estate Empire by Land Banking w/ Levar Clark – 10282021

How to Leverage Cryptocurrency to Buy Real Estate w/ Jimmy & Corey

BTSREL: Step by Step Guide to Refinancing Your Property w/ Nicole Purvy – 10232021

Real Estate Q&A Session: Working with Contractors w/ Steve Harris – 10212021

Driving for Dollars: Top Lessons from Working with Over 300,000+ Real Estate Investors w/ Matt Kamp – 10202021

Bookkeeping 101: How I Saved My Client 270K by Correcting 1 Mistake w/ Atiya Brown – 10132021

BTSREL Offering Memorandum Review w/ Cedric Marlow – 10092021

Customize Your Own Creative Financing Strategies for Your Next Real Estate Deal w/ Nicole Purvy – 10062021

Real Estate Q&A Session w/ Cocoa Kearns – 09302021

The Most Common Problems Developers Face on Their Construction Projects and How to Avoid Them w/ Jamil Soucar – 09292021

Real Estate Field Day w/ Jabbar Fairweather – 09252021

Raising Private Capital to Invest in Philadelphia w/ Albert Wu – 09232021

How to Invest in Commercial Multi-family by Using Group Economics w/ Harold Valestin – 09162021

Real Estate Q&A Session w/ Devon Caudle – 09092021

How to Underwrite Deals in 3-5 Clicks of a Button w/ Gary Jonas – 09082021

Using YouTube to Grow Your Real Estate Investing Business w/ Ms. Ileane Smith – 09042021

Interior Designer Secrets for Your Next Deal w/ Rasheeda Gray – 09012021

Real Estate Trivia Game Show w/ Nicole Purvy – 08282021

Real Estate Q&A Session w/ Seidah Abu-Bakir – 08262021

How to Become a More Efficient Real Estate Investor w/ Nicole Purvy – 08252021

How New SEC Rules Provide More Opportunities for Real Estate Developers w/ Joanna Bartholomew – 08182021

Real Estate Q&A Session w/ Jhanel Wilson – 08122021

What You Need To Know About Getting The Right Policy For Your Real Estate Investments w/ Steffany Purvis – 08112021

The True Cost of a Multi-family Conversion w/ Nicole Purvy – 08072021

How to Get Unlimited Access to Other People’s Money w/ Marc Brown – 08042021

What Permits Do I Need in Philadelphia? w/ Nicole Purvy – 07302021

6 Steps to Start Investing for Your Children w/ Danielle Shirley – 07282021

Real Estate Q&A Session w/ Ugochukwu Opara – 07222021

Key Components to Hard Money Lending to Fix and Refinance w/ Jamaal Patterson – 07212021

How I Closed 11 Major Commercial Real Estate Deals During the Pandemic w/ Ari Rastegar – 07142021

Reading Appraisal Reports w/ Nicole Purvy – 07102021

Real Estate Q&A Session w/ Jamisa Mcivor – 07082021

5 Steps to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar w/ Becky Rynkiewicz & Raffaellina Merlino – 07072021

Real Estate Q&A Session w/ Christina Barker – 07012021

How to Succeed in Multi-family Investing w/ Chris Wyche – 06302021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Carter Carrington – 06242021

How To Finance Your Real Estate Deals With $0 Down w/ Marcus Knuckles – 06232021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Chloe Carmichael – 06172021

Cannabis and Real Estate: What To Know & Why Real Estate Is a Key Component w/ Tony Payton Jr. – 06162021

Real Estate Q & A Session with Julia Choseed – 06102021

Short Sales: A Unique Strategy to Create Inventory in ANY Market w/ Sherita Delgado – 06092021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Reedi Matthews – 06032021

How to Leverage Your W2 Income To Manifest a Real Estate Portfolio w/ Nicole Purvy – 06022021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Derek Boone – 05272021

The Value of Taking Your RE Business Online w/ Alison Bubly – 05262021

Onboarding Your General Contractors w/ Nicole Purvy – 05222021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Attiyah Blair – 05202021

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Strengthening Communities Through RE Development w/ Ken Weinstein – 05192021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Matthew Rice – 05132021

Appraisal Techniques 101: How To Win At Challenging Your Appraisal w/ Carlo Batts – 05122021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Maurice Demosthene – 05062021

Master Your Money Today to Master Your Real Estate Tomorrow w/ Curtis May – 05052021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Marc Brown – 04292021

How To Grow Your Real Estate Business As A Real Estate Agent w/ Traci Powell – 04282021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Dewain Johnson – 04222021

How I Built A Nationwide Wholesale Company w/ Jamil Damji – 04212021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Kevin Robinson – 04152021

Exploring Advanced Wholesale Strategies in Philadelphia w/ Jabbar Fairweather – 04142021

Funds 101: Benefits of Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund Developments w/ David Sillaman – 04072021

How to Structure a Deal to Get Financing – 04032021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Marvin Jackson – 04012021

Profits for Wealth Building: Building A Lasting Family Legacy w/ Justin Martin – 03312021

Business Showcase & Pitch session: Tisdale Legal Group by Patrice Tisdale – 03272021

Business Showcase & Pitch Session: BTS Funding by Nicole Purvy – 03272021

Business Showcase & Pitch Session: Holloway Realty by Michael Holloway – 03272021

Business Showcase & Pitch Session: Noire Real Estate LLC by Jibri Douglas – 03272021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Jasmine Williams – 03252021

Building Bank Relationships 101: What Every investor Should Know w/ Calvin Cannon Jr. – 03242021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Malik Carter – 03182021

Before You Build: Building From the Heart of the Community w/ Joanne Bartholomew – 03172021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Cory Mundt & Maragaret Depippo – 03112021

Advanced Wholesale Strategies: How to Wholesale Estate Deals w/ Emory Dabney – 03102021

Buying The Block: Reinvesting in Our Communities w/ Christopher Senegal – 03032021

Alvin Hope Johnson Q&A – Non Profits and Multifamily Investing Part 2

Single-family, Multifamily and Mixed Use Deal Evaluation Workshop – 02272021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Brandon Shaw – 02252021

The Road to Financing A Multifamily Apartment Portfolio w/ James Dorcely – 02242021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Lorenzo Jackson – 02182021

How to Use 203K /Home Style Construction Loans for Your Next Rehab w/ Paul Janaitis – 02172021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Jahzaree Sexton & Marc Brown – 02112021

How to Scale Your Real Estate Investing Business Using Unsecured Capital w/ Eric Mauz & Nick DiFederico – 02102021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Donahue Baker – 02042021

Why I’m Selling Off Part Of My Real Estate Portfolio w/ Rodney Ross – 02032021

BTS Real Estate League: Best Tips for Managing Contractors Contest – 01302021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/Justin John & Anna Drozdowski – 01282021

How I Passively Invest in Real Estate Using Self Directed IRA w/ Lee Johnson – 01272021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Neil Parnell – 01212021

How We Went From $0 to Over $150M in 5 Years Investing in Multifamily with ZERO CREDIT w/ Alvin Hope Johnson – 01202021

BTS Real Estate League Trivia Game Show – 01162021

Investing in Baltimore, Why Now? w/ Kyara and Khalil Uqdah – 01142021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Arthur Lyon – 01132021

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Michael Holloway – 01072021

How to Build Your Real Estate Portfolio by Hiring Yourself w/ Michael LaVan – 01062021

How to Effectively Screen for the Ideal Tenants for Your Properties w/ Greg Davis – 12302020

2021 Real Estate Goals Setting & Accountability – 12192020

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Jabbar Fairweather – 12182020

How to Effectively Use Your VAs to Run Your Real Estate Business w/ Ashley Molino and Ela Londono – 12162020

Real Estate Masterclass: You Found a Deal Now What? The Exact Steps to Close on Your Real Estate Deal – 12122020

Real Estate Q & A Session w/ Nick Bianchini, Jenova Damian & Marc Brown -12102020

How to Find Subject-To Investing Opportunities to Build Your Real Estate Portfolio w/ Lorraine Beato – 12092020

Real Estate Q & A Session w Nicole Purvy and Brian Joseph – 12042020

How I Turned $25K to $5M in Less Than 4 Year w/ Palak Shah – 12022020

BTS Real Estate League Best Deal Contest – 11212020

Real Estate Q & A Session with Camille Pearsall and Isiah Laws – 11192020

The ABC’s Of Tax Credits: How Some Multi-Million Dollar Projects Are Financed w Kim Babb – 11182020

Real Estate Q & A Session with Khalid Green and Jonathan Smith – 11122020

How I Acquired 70 Rental Units in The Middle of A Pandemic ft. Kevin Robinson -11112020

Leverage Your Business to Invest in Real Estate with Zero Down w/ Nicole Purvy – 11102020

Real Estate Q & A Session with Nicole Purvy & Khalid Nathan Aleem – 11052020

Philadelphia Permits: Get Your Permits Done Right the First Time w/ Paulette Ahmad – 11042020

Advanced Strategies for Multi-Family Investing w/ James Custus – 10282020

How To Invest in Detroit w/ Asia Denson – 10222020

MEP Engineering: What Every Investor Needs to Know about the Process w/ John Sears – 10212020

From House Hacking To Doing Over 60M in Real Estate Deals w/ Ashley Wilson – 10142020

How To Finance Your Next Project with LIHTC (Low-Income Housing Tax Credit) with Fabiola Fleuranvil- 10082020

Real Estate Jawn Part 1 w/ Nicole Purvy – 10072020

Assessing Risk and Reward- How To Find The Next High Growth Real Estate Market w/ Ani Sanyal – 09302020

How to Take Advantage of RCOs for Your Next Real Estate Project w/ Jacob Peck – 09242020

How I Bought My First Block At 26 Years Old w/ Cocoa Kearns – 09162020

Creating a Tax Advantaged Lifestyle w/ Dean Manzetti of Equity Trust – 09192020

Facility Engineering Considerations for Residential & Commercial Spaces w/ Anthony Winston III – 09102020

How to Spot a Real Estate Scam with Nicole Purvy – 09092020

How to Obtain Debt Free Properties through Municipalities with Ariam Kesete – 09022020

Cutting Edge Tools to Maximize Your Rental Portfolio with Sergio Altomare – 08272020

Philadelphia Lead Laws: What Every Investor Needs to Know with Jibri Douglas – 08262020

BTS Members Only Creative Financing Contest – 08222020

Advanced Wholesale Tips: How to Generate More Leads from Multiple Sources w/ CJ Johnson – 08132020

Top 3 Strategies To Raise Money During The Pandemic with Joel Kraut – 08122020

The Secret to Getting $1M Lines of Credit for Your Real Estate Business w/ A. Donahue Baker -07302020

Pandemic Proof Properties- Securing your Cash Flow with Section 8 Rentals w/ Jhanel Wilson – 07292020

Investing in Self Storage: Why to Consider This Asset & How to Operate for Max NOI w/ Corinn Altomare – 07222020

The True Cost of Buying a Property Using a Home Loan (Members-Only) Webinar w/ Marc Brown – 07182020

Top Mistakes That Most Agents Make That Keep Them from Closing Deals w/ William Holder – 07082020

Will Roundtree: Advanced Buy & Hold Strategies for Real Estate Investors w/ Will Roundtree – 07012020

Maintaining Successful Multi-Unit Buildings in Low to Moderate Income Areas w/ Leodus Thomas – 07022020

How Hiring an Interior Designer Can Bring You Extra Thousands On Your Next Real Estate Deal w/ Lauren White – 06242020

How to Run a Successful Design Build Company in NYC w/ Rahat Kamal – 06192020

Advanced Real Estate Tax Strategies: How I Saved My Client $209K in Tax Savings w/ Atiya Brown – 06222020

Combining Real Estate and Whole Life Insurance to Minimize Risk w/ Charles “Tank” Harris – 06102020

Rehab Tricks to Maximize Profits from a 30-Year Real Estate Vet w/ Steven Harris – 06032020

Demystifying Hotel Investments – Omari Head 06042020

How to Generate 6-figures in Real Estate Deals through Social Media in 1 Year w/ Derek Boone – 05272020

How We Built A $7M Luxury Vacation Rental Home Portfolio w/ Carrington Carter – 05212020

Managing Your Student Loans: Covid-19 Edition w/ Sonia Lewis – 05202020

How I Went Broke During the Last Recession to A 7-Figure Net Worth w/ Malik Carter – 05132020

Construction Project Management: Thinking In The Age of COVID-19 w/ Blane Stoddart – 05082020

Creating A Tax-Advantaged Lifestyle for Real Estate Investors w/ Dean Manzetti – 05062020

A Different Approach to Lending: How To Get Funding in 3 Weeks or Less w/ Renae Stennett – 04292020

Virtual Wholesaling Series Pt 2 w/ Margaret DePippo, Cory Mundt, & Ashley Molina – 04282020

Opportunity Zones and Tax Minimization Strategies w/ Christopher Johnston – 04222020

Wholesaling Virtually: Why COVID-19 Hasn’t Stopped Us from Closing at Least 10 Deals/Month Each w/ Cory Mundt, Ashley Molina, & Margaret DePippo – 04152020

BTS Wholesaler’s Luncheon Contest (best wholesaling tip wins) – 04112020

How COVID-19 Presents Unique Opportunities for Real Estate Investment Trusts w/ Courtney Richardson – 040920

NEW Real Estate Loan Changes That Affect the BRRRR Strategy due to COVID-19 w/ Marc Brown – 04042020

How I Accomplished a 0% Eviction Rate in 30 Years of Landlording w/ Kim Avant-Babb – 04012020

Estimating Rehab Costs Yourself without a GC w/ Nicole Purvy – 03252020

The Business of Business Credit w/ Herman Dolce – 03262020

10 Tips for Raising Private Money w/ Nicole Purvy 03182020

Top 10 Most Common Things Every New And Experienced Real Estate Overlook w/ Nicole Purvy – 03122020

How I Built A Portfolio of Multi-Families with $0 Down w/ Ugo Opara – 03042020

How To Close 15+ Wholesale Deals a Month w/ Margaret Depippo and Cory Mundt – 02262020

Important Insurance Policies for Real Investors w/ Louis Cammisa – 02192020

Advanced BRRRR Strategies w/ Joel Kraut – 02122020

Real Private Money Explained w/ Ian Walsh – 02052020

How to Get Your Realtor to Pay For Your Rehab w/ Don Hibbert and Janelle Dunn – 01292020

In’s and Out’s of Commercial Real Estate w/ Samantha Kupersmith – 01222020

Easy Way to Landlording w/ Malik Boyd – 01152020

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