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How to Evaluate Deals in a Market with High Interest Rates and Falling Property Values w/ Nicole Purvy – 09132023

Doing Generational Wealth the Right Way Make Your Real Estate Investments Stay in your Family for Generations w/ Marton Markovits – 09062023

Rehab Properties Even If You Have a Crazy Busy Schedule and Very Little Money w/ Nicole Purvy & Julia Choseed – 08232023

How we Doubled our Deal Flow and 3x‘d our Deal Size from “Dead Leads” w/ Cory and Margaret Mundt – 08092023

The Landlord M.S.R.P. Formula – What it takes to be an Effective Landlord, Generate Cashflow & Avoid Evictions w/ Ms. Kim Avant-Babb – 07262023

3 Secrets To Managing Your Own Construction Jobs Even If You Never Rehabbed a Property Before w/ Nicole Purvy – 07102023

LA Mastermind How to Leverage Other People’s Money to Build Your Real Estate Portfolio w/ Mark Miller and James Johnson – 06282023

LA Mastermind: Investing in 5 Unit Apartment Buildings Out of State w/ Michael Sherrill – 06212023

The Permit Lifecycle of Residential Property Development in Philadelphia w/ Ian Kosten – 06072023

Financial Planning Fundamentals to Consider for Your Next RE Investment w/ Nisiar Smith – 05102023

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Tools and Tips for Reducing Burnout in Real Estate w/ Jane Ellen – 04262023

The 6 Little-Known Secret Tips Most Investors Miss with Finding Deals w/ Jackie Jackson – 04122023

3 Secrets To Managing Your Own Construction Jobs Even If You Never Rehabbed a Property Before w/ Nicole Purvy – 03292023

Do’s and Don’ts of 1031 Exchanges: What Every Investor Should Know w/ David Moore (Part 1&2) – 03082023

Understanding Ownership through Quiet Title Actions and Adverse Possession w/ Keesha White – 01042023

How to Create Long-Term Generational Wealth Through RE and Shared Housing w/ Nikki Merkerson – 11162022

How to Obtain Make-Safe Permits and Maintain Projects Involving Structural Work w/ Devon Loney – 11102022

The Eviction Process in Philadelphia: An Escape Plan for the Problem Tenant w/ Angelina C. Williams – 08172022

Market Changes and Conditions: How to Prepare for Upcoming Changes w/ Jabbar Fairweather – 07272022

WIRE 2022: Out of State Investing and Essentials to Starting a Real Estate Investment Journey w/ Rosena Saintlouis – 07162022

WIRE 2022: Leveraging Real Estate Partnerships Short and Long Term Benefits w/ Seidah Abu-bakir – 07162022

Investing through Life Insurance How to Make Term, Whole & Universal Life Work for You w/ Jonathan Davenport – 07132022

How to Navigating the Title Process as a Philadelphia Real Estate Investor w/ Watson Saintsulne – 06252022

Creative RE Finance Strategies: How To Leverage Personal Credit to Gain Access to Unsecured Capital w/ Marc Brown and Eric Mauz – 05252022

Combining Real Estate Investing with Bitcoin and other Asset Classes w/ Jimmy Williams – 05112022

Six Points to Achieve Capital in Business and Real Estate Investments w/ M. Kenneth Lawrence – 04202022

The Top Insurance Mistakes Real Estate Investors Can Make and How You Can Avoid Them w/ Justin Angle – 04132022

How I Leveraged Personal & Business Credit to Create 20 Streams of Income & Retire from Corporate America w/ Terri Couser – 03092022

Most Common Transactional Documents When Renovating A Rental Property w/ Adam Pritzker – 02232022

Effective Methods for Using Other People’s Money for Real Estate Investing w/ Marc Brown – 01122022

Real Estate Development and Engineering: Top Tips and Tricks for Your Next Investment w/ Jane Ellen – 11102021

Real Estate Q&A Session: From Single Family to Large Scale Multi-family Conversions w/ Daniel Harvey – 11042021

Cash Flow Management for Real Estate Investors – How To Tell Your Money Where To Go Instead of Asking Where It Went w/ Curtis May

Real Estate Q&A Session: Building a Massive Real Estate Empire by Land Banking w/ Levar Clark – 10282021

Driving for Dollars: Top Lessons from Working with Over 300,000+ Real Estate Investors w/ Matt Kamp – 10202021

Customize Your Own Creative Financing Strategies for Your Next Real Estate Deal w/ Nicole Purvy – 10062021

The Most Common Problems Developers Face on Their Construction Projects and How to Avoid Them w/ Jamil Soucar – 09292021

How New SEC Rules Provide More Opportunities for Real Estate Developers w/ Joanna Bartholomew – 08182021

What You Need To Know About Getting The Right Policy For Your Real Estate Investments w/ Steffany Purvis – 08112021

What Permits Do I Need in Philadelphia? w/ Nicole Purvy – 07302021

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