Our very own BTS Real Estate AI Mentor gives them just that and more in half the time spent and double the efficiency.

Their mentor coaching session is conducted by completing an online assessment that sorts our member-investors into one of 24 distinct real estate investing archetypes that help them to better understand their own learning journey as well as help them to understand the next best action(s) to start or continue on their journey.

Over the next 12 months, the AI Mentor then delivers personalized education modules based on the member-investor’s specific unique circumstances and real estate investing archetype, so that there is less guesswork in deciding what lectures and trainings to watch based on their needs, goals, and interests with a guiding hand along the way.

Our 24 Real Estate Investing Archetypes

Which Archetype Are You?

The Rising Freshman

Learning Freshman

The Honorable Operative

The Fledgling Executive

The Novice Executive

The Novice Financier

The Fledgling Commander

The Autonomous Lion

The Tenacious Ally

The Collaborative President

The Organized Envoy

The Collaborative Imperial

The Autonomous Captain

The Transitional Observer

The Transitional Financier

The Tenacious Sovereign

The Presidential Ally

The Sovereign Pilot

The Autonomous Leader


The Sovereign Lion


Collaborative Monarch

The Regal Ally

The Collaborative Lion

The Decisive Diplomat

Our BTS Real Estate AI Mentor Assessment Is available to our investor-members only