The Anti-Hustle Start a Six Figure Business in One Year

#68: 3 Elements of the AntiHUSTLE

In this episode of the Better Than Success Podcast, host Nicole Purvy talk about her upcoming book “the AntiHUSTLE”. We define “AntiHUSTLE” as the ability to work with God joyfully, steadily, patiently, methodically, and strategically to achieve ones purpose. We we share 3 of the 6 elements of the “the AntiHUSTLE” that you can use to to…

Success through the Anti-Hustle

#63: Success through the Anti-Hustle

In this episode of the Better Than Success podcast, we define “hustle” and Nicole’s newly coined term “anti-hustle”. She first explains the top reasons that hustling doesn’t lead to permanent success. Question – do you know the definition of hustle? Nicole breaks it down, then she asks and answers why many people are fooled into believing…