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$59.99 / month with a 30-day free trial and a $247.00 sign-up fee

Better Than Success Real Estate League is one of the premier educational and networking resources for new and existing real estate investors. We are a group of like-minded new and experienced investors committed to learning and creating wealth through real estate. We train ourselves from within AND learn from outside resources through a growing network of industry professionals and new investors, private networking events, virtual learning materials, and much more…all while having fun!

Our members get an insane amount of real estate investing support and education.  We are known for our signature weekly real estate mastermind meetings but our league is so much more than that. Our members get access to online curriculum, field events, and a built in network of real estate investors that can suit any real estate investing strategies…plus much more.  Expand the tabs below to learn about how you can learn to invest in real estate or grow your existing real estate investments…

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What You Get

Weekly BTS Real Estate League Mastermind Meetings Members get access to Live Weekly BTS Real Estate League Mastermind Meetings – this is our signature event.  Every week our members discuss real estate investing strategies that have proven successful or a respected outside industry veteran comes in to lecture on valuable real estate investing tips and resources.

Archived Lessons Online Unlimited Access to Archived Lecture Recordings and Lessons

Team Events 2 additional events per month outside of our weekly mastermind, including but not limited to:

  • BTS Real Estate Ride Along – This is a members only field day  where we tour various investment properties, search for new investment properties, and learn the real estate game hands on.  It’s so much fun when you do it with friends!
  • In-house bootcamp/training – This is a members only event where we may have an intense lesson on real estate math, analyze deals, research properties and/or discuss deal that we are all working on.
  • BTS Fun Day – We do any fun activity such as Go cart racing, rock climbing, paint ball, bowling, the list goes on… We just go out and have fun!

BTE RE League Freshman Course –  as soon as you sign up you get access to our virtual real estate 101 lessons.  These online courses will teach you the basics of real estate investing so that you will be able to talk the talk with our other members

Online Real Estate Lessons 8 other real estate resources and lessons that you will need to get started doing deals ASAP.

Reviewed Contractors Access to our list of contractors.

JV Deals Opportunity to do Joint Venture Real Estate deals with BTS RE League.

Partnership Access Opportunity to do Partnership Real Estate deals with BTS RE League.