Our BTS Certified Real Estate Executives

Camille Pearsall

Co-Founder/General Contractor

Camille Pearsall is the Co-Founder/General Contractor for a construction and environmental testing company, “Stoner Renovations Construction and Lead Company”, CEO/Founder of a business consulting and management firm, “Legacy Builders Management and Consulting, LLC”, CEO/Founder of a real estate investment firm, “R&C Legacies, Inc”, and a Better Than Success Real Estate Executive.

Camille’s story is one that is full of resiliency, determination, and love. Camille overcame countless soul shifting obstacles starting from being abandoned by her mother at age two, teenage pregnancy, and becoming a widow and co-victim of gun violence at age 34.

Camille was primarily raised by her single father. Her father was an Entrepreneur and General Contractor with no babysitter, leaving no other choice than to bring Camille to active construction sites as his special helper. Camille was deemed the “Boss” by age seven. So, it was no real surprise that after the death of her husband, Camille was able to revamp their company Stoner Renovations Construction and Lead Company.

Stoner Renovations Construction and Lead Company offers residential and commercial construction, restoration, and environmental testing services. Camille’s real estate journey started in 2016 with the purchase of the house that her grandmother was raised in.

During 2020, she worked exponentially through countless challenges during what we all would agree was a turbulent year in our city, country, and world. She stayed committed to scaling her real estate investment firm R&;C Legacies, Inc. Camille built a portfolio that will create wealth for her children’s children.

While building her legacy, Camille continues to support other entrepreneurs and real estate investors through the countless services offered at Legacy Builders Management and Consulting, LLC. Camille recently completed Temple University Fox School of Business Construction Management Program, became an Executive for The Better Than Success Real Estate League, and transitioned from a fourteen-year career in Law Enforcement to a full time Small Business Owner.


  • Construction & Project Management
  • Property Management
  • Lead Safe Certifications
  • Eclipse & Business License Management
  • Deal Analysis & Negotiation