Our BTS Certified Real Estate Executives

Jenova Damian

Real estate investor and Better Than Success Real Estate Executive

After earning her bachelor’s degree in Public Affairs and International Studies from Northeastern University, Jenova entered into the medical industry to pursue her passion for people and numbers where she worked in human resources, payroll, and accounting.

During this time she learned many hard skills from running weekly payrolls for over 200+ person staff to overseeing the accounts receivables department. In addition to her primary job functions at this time she discovered her calling for real estate investing and settlement services. She quickly learned the inner workings of real estate investing, funding, and settlement services and stepped whole heartedly into this lane as an entrepreneur.

As the oldest child to immigrant parents, Jenova knew early on in life what hard work looks like and how this coupled with sacrifice and determination can attain her wildest dreams. She aspires to empower women like herself to step whole heartedly into creating wealth through real estate.


  • Real Estate Title Services
  • Wealth Mindset
  • Residential Real Estate Hard Money Loans