7 Mindset Characteristics of Successful Employees


Why aren’t you getting promotions? And, why are the ones who are getting the promotions actually getting the promotions? Continue reading to get insight on how to become a successful employee to have leadership roles practically handed to you.

1.Learn New Things

learning_newthingsAs the world constantly evolves you have to evolve with it. Every single day people are coming up with new ideas and you must keep up! In order for you to become a successful employee you have to be willing to pick up a book, but don’t just pick it up, READ IT! I don’t want you to pick up just any book, you have to be intentional about what you’re reading and what you’re learning. Be mindful that books are not your only resource, you can take in new information from anywhere, or anyone. Take a course, join a periscope, read an article, and most importantly surround yourself with those who have more experience and knowledge than you. The saying, “Learning is fundamental,” couldn’t have been more accurate.

“If you only do what you can do, you’ll

never be more than who you are.”

-Master Shifu, Kung Fu Panda 3

2. Be Open to Critique

In order for you to be better than you are at this moment you have to learn to accept critiques. Whenever I’m working on a project I’m always willing to take a bit of advice because it may be something I missed. Sometimes you need that extra set of eyes, and it’s ok. It allows you to see your work in the perspective of others, because in the end you’re not going to be the only one viewing your work. So don’t fight your boss when asked to tweak your work. They’re not trying to say you’re not good at your job, you might’ve just missed a spot.

3. Seek Leadership Opportunities

Being an entry level employee is not a bad thing however, you don’t want to be at the entry level all your life. It’s called the entry level for a reason. If it’s been three years at your job and you’re still at the entry level what are you doing wrong? Possibilities are, you haven’t been constantly learning new things. Or, when you’re given a critique you act as if it’s a slap in the face, and don’t even take in the suggestion.

Another reason could be you’re doing the work, but you’re not putting yourself out there. If you work at a small company your growth is more recognized than if you worked at a much larger company. At a much larger company you have to search for those openings if you really want them. Because, someone who’s less qualified than you, can very well get the job simply because they took the initiative to apply and you didn’t. So make sure you go after those leadership opportunities, because not all of them are going to be handed to you.

4. Think Like a Boss

As an employee you are often told what needs to be done. But, that doesn’t mean you only have to do what you are told. Take initiative, come up with new ideas, and always be willing to help the team. These are all characteristics of being an amazing leader. And, if you hold these characteristics you’re already on your way to becoming an awesome boss. You cannot take on new leadership opportunities if you aren’t willing to think like a boss.


In order to grow as an employee to become a successful leader you must be okay with asking for help. A lot of us are afraid of asking for help because our prides get in the way. You may not want people to feel as if you can’t do your job. But if you don’t ask for help, how will you know you’re doing your job right? You won’t! It’s as simple as that. Also it relates back to learning new things. Asking for help means that you’re about to receive some knowledge you didn’t have just a few seconds ago. And last I checked “knowledge is power.” -Francis Bacon

6. Own Your Mistakes

We all make mistakes and it’s okay. If we don’t make a few mistakes how will we learn? So when you make a mistake don’t be afraid to say, “you know what, I messed up.” And when you do make a mistake ask, “how can we fix this,” instead of trying to hide what you did. In order to have the mindset of a great employee you have to understand where you went wrong. Be apart of the solution and not the problem.

7. Actually Like Your Job

If you don’t actually like your job you will never reach your highest potential. And not only that if you don’t like what you do, why do it? Simple as that.

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