Ep 27: How Philanthropy Can Help You to Scale Your Business Quickly


In this episode of the Better Than Success podcast host Nikki Purvy talks “How Philanthropy Can Help You to Scale Your Business Quickly”. If you plan to scale your business you must have a philanthropic plan in place because:

  • It gives your business a greater purpose
  • It shows that you don’t hoard money. Ifs free flowing in your hands so the money can free flow back into your hands
  • Its PR
  • It puts your business in front of people who would otherwise not even communicate with
  • Do good for other people

Rules to running your company’s philanthropic efforts

  • Pick a cause that you are passionate about
  • You can start your own entity or you can donate time and/or money to a nonprofit of your choice
  • Put it into your schedule or budget regularly
  • Remember to give in silence. There may be times when you want to advertise what you are doing but your you have to give in sile;nce