Ep 14: Why Every New Entrepreneur Should Focus on ONLY One Business with Transportation & Logistics Specialist Darnell Smith

Why Every New Entrepreneuer Should Focus on ONLY One Business with Transportation & Logistics Specialist Darnell Smith

In this episode of the Better Than Success, your host Nikki Purvy talks with Forrsmith Logistics founder Darnell Smith about why every new business owner and new entrepreneur should focus on running one new business at a time.

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Darnell Smith is the Founder and President of Forrsmith Logistics. Forrmsith Logistics is a northeast corridor asset based logistics provider specializing in refrigerated, dryvan, and intermodal logistics. They haul for large and small businesses such as Poland Spring and Nestle Water, Target, Maersk, Penske logistics, and A. Duie Pyle to name a few. In you live in NE then chances are they’ve shipped fruit, produce, and Shrimp to your local supermarket and grocery store. Last year Forrsmith generated $5 million in revenue.

The discussion around this episode was based on the response that we got from an article written on the website titled “3 Reasons Why Every New Entrepreneur Should Focus on Running ONLY One Business at a Time”.  Darnell contributes his views about running more than one startup business based on real life experience.  At one time he was running 4 business at one time. We talk about the 2 types of startup business owners, “The Boss” and “The Driver”.  Learn what characteristics define each type and learn what type you are.  Darnell accounts some real-life business stories to argue the case for why every new entrepreneur should wait at least 5 years before starting a new business.

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