Becoming a Millionaire Before 30 in 3 Short Years in Real Estate with Jay Morrison

In this episode of the Better Than Success Podcast, Nikki Purvy interviews Real Estate Mogul Jay Morrison. Jay Morrison, also known as “Mr. Real Estate”, is a successful real estate developer, celebrity realtor, author, TV personality, entrepreneur and social activist. Jay is the CEO and founder of the Jay Morrison Brand which is the parent company to Jay Morrison Real Estate Partners, a real estate consulting firm and the Jay Morrison Academy, an online real estate investor’s school and mentorship program.

Jay Morrison
Jay Morrison

Despite being a high school dropout, an at-risk youth, and three-time felon, Jay made a major life transformation for the better over a decade ago that not only made him a millionaire before the age of 30 but also propelled him into the national spotlight. Throughout his ever growing career, Jay Morrison has worked with a number of athletes, reality stars, and entertainers. He has also been a viewer favorite on many hit shows featured on NBC as well highly notarized stations from CNN to BET.

During our interview with Jay Morrison we learn the true meaning of “Started from the bottom.” Before Jay became “Mr. Real Estate,” he found himself constantly going down hill. He started his career as a drug dealer at the age of 15. And two years later, at the age of 17 he had developed his own business as a drug trafficker.

Age the age of 18 while living in Baltimore, Maryland, Jay Morrison met a mentor that taught him the value of the concept of supply and demand. It was a simple concept but it stayed with him until this day. At the time, he was still selling drugs and ended up in jail not too long after. But, it planted a seed in him to enter the world of real estate. After being in out of jail until the age of 22, Jay Morrison met another mentor, a Preacher. This preacher helped him to get his first job in real estate as a loan officer at a mortgage company. However, it didn’t last long. Things kind of fizzled out and it was back to hustling. Approaching the age of 25 he began to question his life and wondered where he would be at the age of 30. The only reality he could see for himself was, being in jail or dead. At that point, he knew it was time for a change. Because of this, Jay now lives by what he calls the 4 E’s.

  1. EVALUATE your life every day
  2. ELIMINATE all the bad people, places, and things around you
  3. EVOLVE into a new you
  4. EXECUTE living a new you

Learning to live by his new rules, he realized that he’s never put all of his energy into anything except for selling drugs. At that moment, he said to himself “are you a drug dealer or hustler?” Being able to distinguish the two he was able to get back into the real estate game. And, from that moment he walked away from the drug game and he hasn’t looked back. Jay Morrison went on to get his real estate license and mortgage license. And within a few years, he owned several properties and began gaining national recognition. You catch Jay Morrison on your local and cable networks and even featured on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club.  Jay currently has a very successful online real estate school where he has taught over 5,000 students about Real Estate.

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