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AntiHUSTLE book


Imagine starting and building your business to six figures in revenue in just one year…

Owning and running a successful business and working in your purpose has been your dream your whole life but the problem is, most entrepreneurs fail in the first 2 years and you CANNOT allow that to happen to you!  Whether you are looking to grow your stagnant business, or get your business off the ground so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed, The AntiHUSTLE will give you the blue print for avoiding the pitfalls of most unsuccessful entrepreneurs.

This step-by-step guide to starting a six figure business in one year will teach you:

  • How Nicole grew a six figure business in less than a year without “hustling” or over stressing.
  • Why the concept of “hustling” is actually working against you and keeping you in the poor house.
  • Why trying to “hustle” your way to the top will NEVER work.
  • How to work smarter and not harder so you can have your time and peace of mind while making money from your purpose.
  • How to start a business with as little stress as possible.
  • The seven steps to breaking the hustle mentality, known as the AntiHUSTLE formula.
  • How all successful entrepreneurs have used the “AntiHUSTLE” formula to accomplish their goals whether they realized it or not.
  • How to leverage the gift of the AntiHUSTLE to start a six figure business in just one year.

BTS Intense Business Transformational One on One Training

$400.00 $257.00

This training is designed to help entrepreneurs transform their business trajectory and get them on the right path to success.  Many of our business problems come from us not asking the right questions or we even look at our ‘problem’ as something that’s holding us back when it could be an opportunity for us for capitalize on. Business Success Coach and BTS founder Nicole Purvy will be working with only a few businesses that take this limited time opportunity during the 2 week time frame of Oct 19-Nov 2, 2016.  This training session includes 2 one-on-one phone calls with personalized action plans for each participant.

BTS Real Estate League Membership v1.1

$64.99 / month with a 30-day free trial and a $123.50 sign-up fee

Better Than Success Real Estate League is one of the premier educational and networking resources for new and existing real estate investors. We are a group of like-minded new and experienced investors committed to learning and creating wealth through real estate. We train ourselves from within AND learn from outside resources through a growing network of industry professionals and new investors, private networking events, virtual learning materials, and much more…all while having fun!

Our members get an insane amount of real estate investing support and education.  We are known for our signature weekly real estate mastermind meetings but our league is so much more than that. Our members get access to online curriculum, field events, and a built in network of real estate investors that can suit any real estate investing strategies…plus much more…

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Complete Guide to LinkedIn


The Complete Guide to LinkedIn will show you the ins and outs of using the social media site. LinkedIn is the most effective social media sites for attracting new customers to your business, especially for B2B companies. LinkedIn is also a great resource for freelancers, and speakers to attract opportunities. If you are not using LinkedIn, you’re missing out an amazing resource. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to be able to take full advantage of the site and grow your business’ reach.


How to Attract Corporate Sponsor


This resource guide is full of information for business owners looking to attract corporate sponsorship dollars for their programs, events, and nonprofit organizations. Also included is a checklist for creating your sponsorship information packets so that you have a greater chance of getting your requests fulfilled.