4 Ways to Keep Up the Pace During Off Season

4 Ways to Keep Up the Pace During Off Season

How many of us can say that we have a lot of free time when you go to work? None of us! Because, as entrepreneurs there’s never too much free time. However, there are times when business will become a bit slow, it’s called the off season. Many think that when there’s not a lot of work to do, it’s time to play. Actually it’s not. It’s now time to get yourself prepared for the next busy season.

football-training-drills-for-pro-sports_thumbIt’s like when it comes to sports. In sports they have an off season, right? Do you think the players are just sitting at home on the couch eating potato chips and drinking soda during this time? No, actually they’re not! During off seasons players are constantly crafting their skills so that they are better than they were last season. I like to call this the “Pre-Game.” You’re warming yourself up for the real show. So now that it’s off season, you have to find ways to keep your skill level where it is or elevate it to new heights. And here’s some tips on how to do so….

1. Workspace Clean Up

During the busy season, it’s often hard to find the time to do minor stuff like, organize your computer or clean off your desk. As the days go on, the piles get higher and eventually it’s hard for you to find what you’re looking for. While you have a bit of time on your hands, go through the files on your computer and trash all the files you don’t need and the ones you do need, back them up. It will clear up a huge amount of space and allow your computer to run a lot smoother. You also need to clear off your desk by doing the same. Throw away files you don’t need and back up the rest. This way once you become busy again your piles of paper won’t begin to bury you.

2. Complete Forgotten Task

When business is hectic there may be some minor task that were neglected. Because business is slow it’s time for you to stop holding off on all those tasks. A lot of which you can get done within 30 mins or less. By completing these tasks you won’t be scrambling to get things done when business gets busy again. Because, and let’s just be honest, when things get crazy we tend to forget the minor things and eventually they become big things. So go back through your list of tasks and make sure everything is checked off as completed.

3. Keep Learning

The off season is the best time to develop your skills. Off season is perfect for educating yourself because you have more time on your hands then usual. Usually you’re so busy making sure clients are satisfied that you forget about yourself. And, if you want to keep getting all of those amazing clients you have to take time to educate yourself. Educate yourself on a personal level as well as a business level. Because, the only way your business will grow is if you do.

4. Offer Help

While you are not too busy this season, your coworker is swamped. This is the perfect time to ask them if they need any help. I mean who doesn’t like help, especially if it’s being offered to them. And, here’s the thing not only are you helping them you’re also helping yourself. You help yourself because now you’re learning a new skill, so now you’re killing two birds with one stone. You’re learning and helping out, look at you killing it!

So just because there’s not a lot of work per-say, there’s still work that needs to be done. There’s always something to do even when you feel like there’s nothing. And these four tips are just in general, I’m sure everyones work environment is completely different. These tips are just to get you started.

No matter how fast or slow business is going, you don’t want to waste time. Time is money. That’s point in all of this. So while you have a little extra time, don’t waste it. The extra time you have shouldn’t be spent on social media or Netflix. I know, I know, “social media and Netflix is life,” but not really. Use that time to come up with new ways to keep the coins rolling in.

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