Pros and Cons Of Using Snapchat For Your Business


I know you are probably wondering if Snapchat is beneficial to use for your business. Is it really worth the download? Well Snapchat, is a live video stream service that offers an easy way to engage with other users, view live stories from all around the world, and explore worldwide news with Snapchat discover section. All users are allowed to record multiple videos under 10 seconds. I know that might seem pretty short, but it will definitely get your creative juices flowing as you learn to work with 10 seconds to brand your business.

Let’s jump right into the pros and cons of using Snapchat:

Pros of Snapchat

Rapidly growing young audience of digital natives

In the case, that you are searching to gain a younger audience base, Snapchat is right for your business. Snapchat has funky cool filters that can be used to spice up your videos, such a dog filter which is my favorite. I know it sounds silly but as marketer or business owner you should know that being more personable will gain you a loyal audience compared to you just promoting and trying to sell a product as part of your daily content.

Curates user-generated content

You need content that is trustworthy and honest. The great thing about Snapchat is it provides your audience with visuals of the moment and makes them feel a part of your process. Pulling them into your day-to-day process creating a brand beneficial to their needs.

Complimentary Snapchat’s Discover feature

This feature highlights stories and videos provided both by outside publishers and by Snapchat’s in-house team of journalists and videographers. In addition, Snapchat does offer the opportunity for users to post their content to the ‘Discover’ feature to increase reach.

All content can be saved to your phone

You can save the content shared on Snapchat to your phone to share on other social media handles like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Your 10-second videos can be used on a site that does not provide a video option, such as twitter.

Cons of Snapchat

No two-way user engagement

There really isn’t a way to tell if you audience is engaging with your content because they have the option of skipping through or not watching at all. Even a view from users does not actually mean they watched your video. Your audience will have to actually send you a message to confirm whether they are truly engaged.

Featured videos lack context

If you are not super creative and can your point across in 10 seconds it’s a strong possibility that you could skip out on providing important information to your audiences. In that case, you will have to post multiple videos until you have provided a clear and concise point.

Content will delete within 24 hours of being posted

The downside to your video clips on Snapchat they will be deleted. If you miss the 24-hour mark, there is no way possible you will be able to get your content back. Always remember to save your clip before or right after posting.

In this day and age, our lives revolve around technology based devices that we rely heavily on to receive content. It’s a must that as a business owner you try all social media apps popping and gaining fast popularity like Snapchat. It’s definitely trail and error to see what works best for you and if it can increase brand awareness. Now that  you know the pros and cons of Snapchat you can deicide if it’s worth the download to promote your business.