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Luxury Rental Directory

CATEGORY Web Design ABOUT THIS PROJECT LRD is an online marketplace portal for people who want to rent luxury assets such as vacation homes, exotic cars, limousines, private jets and charter yachts with the direct owners of these assets. Luxury Rental Directory offers a reputable and secure platform to allow the direct owners and renters…


CATEGORY Web Design ABOUT THIS PROJECT Dayira “DayyBella” Jones was born on December 20, 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a socialite and social media personality. Dayira began embracing fashion since the day she was born. Her parents, Ashia Malvin and Darrick Jones, have always pushed her to be and have the best. Her innate…

Della Rocca Philadelphia

CATEGORY Web Design ABOUT THIS PROJECT Linda Della Rocca has always been fascinated by the way in which people, art, business and fashion work together. As a clothier and fashion consultant, she understands that the process of dressing is a most critical and least understood aspect of our every day and business decision-making. Linda calls…

Empire Sneaks Web Design

CATEGORY Web Design ABOUT THIS PROJECT EmpireSneaks is an online resource for all things sneaker related. You will find the latest news about Sneaker Products, endorsed athletes and celebrities. EmpireSneaks offers you the opportunity to Sell, Buy, or Trade sneakers itn their marketplace. To see more of our work visits

Crystal Powell

INFORMATIONAL WEBSITE This is a general, five page, informational website. CATEGORY Web Design ABOUT THIS PROJECT Attorney Crystal B. Powell has been a sole practitioner for a decade and a half providing Family Law and General Civil Legal Services to the Philadelphia and Delaware County regions. To see more of our work please visit

About Dat Sports Life

MAGAZINE STYLE This is a standard, five page, magazine style website CATEGORY Web Design ABOUT THIS PROJECT About Dat Sports Life is a show intended to transform the world of sports media with facts, commentary, entertainment, humor, politics and realism draped in their own individual personalities. To view more of our work visit

Alt Hair Care

ECOMMERCE We specialize in Ecommerce websites. CATEGORY Web Design ABOUT THIS PROJECT Anika Lee Thompson has created a totally safe and efficient method for Texture Diversity. Texture Diversity is the ability to fluctuate between beautiful natural curls and straightened styles without compromising your natural texture. Whether you are transitioning out of a chemical straightener, blending…

Master Sound Productions

ECOMMERCE We specialize in Ecommerce websites. CATEGORY Web Design ABOUT THIS PROJECT Master Sound Productions has mastered the art of making you party since 1981, specializing in weddings. Their mobile DJ service provides you with state of the art equipment, top notch DJs, great personalities, and all at the right price. To see our work…


The Standard Website is perfect for a business that is just getting started. CATEGORY Web Design ABOUT THIS PROJECT ScholarVersity is an activity-based, experiential learning programs for middle school, high school and college students. They provide educational experience workshops, retreats and seasonal programs. We invite you to visit to view more of our work.